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T9 stock options

Looking for a new light weight stock to accommodate better scoping ability...

My setup:
T9 with FS upgrade
Lapco 686 FS T9 barrel
TruGlow 4x32 xbow scope
T9 CQB riser under scope
Original stock (too heavy)

Any feedback appreciated.
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I ended up putting a Spec Ops Longbow stock on mine. I haven't seen them offered in awhile but you might be able to pick one up on the Tiberius forum.

It's not the perfect stock, but it is lighter and its dropleg style makes it easier to get behind a scope. It's not adjustable and that works pretty well when using a red dot sight, but with your 4x scope you will have to be careful about getting the right eye-to-eyepiece distance to maintain a correct scope picture.
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Agreed. I saw what you had done and couldnt find that stock anywhere. In fact there are zero options right now for T9 stocks that I can see. Spent the eve last night checking all popular vendors. I am thinking a custom application might have to be forged. Have little experience but always willing to experiment if its not too costly.

Rocstock at killjoy doesnt say whether it will fit a T9 (advertises T9.1). The Rockstock looks heavy to (as well as pricey). However if the RocStock works WELL with scope combination I would drop the cash. I just wont spend that dough unless I know it works really well. I dont have a feel yet for real-play on the scope setup yet so any feedback on mask and head tilt etc is duly noted :-)

I am also wondering if a 13 ci tank could be mounted in the forgrip area for an hpa source on the T9. I believe there is a kit for this that RAP4 makes for the A5 and it looked pretty cool. Seen as how there is no way to put the T9.1 tank/stock combo on a T9 I am flirting with mods that could work. Maybe there is an airsmith out there willing to take this on ? Prolly not an easy (inexpensive ) mod though. Guess I should just buy a T9.1 and go tank-in-stock if I desire hpa. I could also upgrade to rifled barrel to to gain more accuracy and distance.
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I love my Rocstock and its adjustment capabilities work really well with a scope, but I don't believe it will fit a T9. For a red dot, the Longbow is lighter and more compact, but when it comes to using a scope (mask clearance and getting the correct distance from the ocular eyepiece) it's hard to beat the Rocstock.
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Fully adjustable in length, rotation, and even height...
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