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Original T8 Mag Extention Measurements Request

Hey everyone, how's it going?

So considering the fact that the original T8 magazine extensions are better than the T8.1 versions, super hard to come by because they're not made anymore, really expensive if they are for sale, and the fact that I am a mechanical engineering major at a major university with a full fledged machine shop complete with CNC mills, lathes, raw material stock room, rapid prototype machines, molten metal casting area, etc, I have decided to make my own T8 magazine extensions. Not for sale to ANYBODY ofcourse because I'm not going to steal anybodys patent, just to make maybe one or two for personal use. Now that being said I just need some measurements help from those lucky few of you that have some of these original mag extensions.

Having T8 mags mayself I've been able to figure out most of the dimensions needed to make the extensions, but still need about 4 measurements. The measurements I need are all identified by the red lines and they are exactly from where the line starts to where it ends, no more, no less. They are:

- A: The length from where the base of the mag extension begins to where it ends.
- B: The length of the shaft itself. (From right where the red line begins to where it ends. This applies to ALL of the lines).
- C: The distance from the bottom of the extention to the end of the feeder guide. And...
- D: The width of the octagonal shaped extension. The little picture I drew in Paint , lol, shows you better what width/distance meaurement I'm looking for exactly.

If one of you kind, lucky souls out there who has one of these would be so kind enough to give me these exact measurements I would be so, so grateful. Thank you so much guys! Please help me out.
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Also if any of you guys know where to get long lengths of spring that I could use for the longer spring needed I would greatly appreciate that too.
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i was planning to look for some springs here

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T4 mag springs should work just fine.
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Even though they're only for 14 rounds instead of 17? To tell you the truth I had thought about just doing that because 3 rounds difference is not that much at all considering that the spring is already compressed just to get it inside of the mag itself, but I was still worried about it.
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Are the 8.0 extensions actually patented?
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Originally Posted by Mr.Smith View Post
Are the 8.0 extensions actually patented?
Probably not.

Nighthawk9, did you ever get your measurements?

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just use 2 T-x/x.1 spring with one of the little black caps off of the FSR spring containers. Course you will need to mill the cap down for it to fit but it does prevent the springs getting fudged up
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