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Originally Posted by Unlucky_Irish View Post
I dunno if a tib reg would allow a 400 fps shot. Anyone?
I know I have tried my T4 at 450. It shot a FS 65 yards with a Flat trajectory.
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Originally Posted by idkfa View Post
I seem to recall Tiberius asking someone on their forums to not produce these, citing safety concerns. He was planning on selling them to people for testing purposes and was politely asked to stop (I would imagine a C&D would have been sent if he didn't comply). Just something to be mindful of.
Yes, you're right. I was going to dig up the thread from the TA forums, but I'm going to bed soon and cant be bothered at the moment. OP be careful with what you're doing, I wouldnt be producing them for other people, as TA did already give out a C&D to the dude who originally designed these.

To be honest im pretty surprised the 3d file made it out into the public domain

EDIT: So I did end up looking it up, it's yours to read through...

Exact quote from "Mule", the OP of the original thread:

"Tiberius Arms have asked me to stop selling these, they got contacted by insurance or something, and they're afraid these rounds are gonna be a safety/liability issue.
What they said made sense and they were quite nice about it, so I'm gonna be taking this down...

People who've already ordered them, please be responsible with them and use them safely.

Sorry guys"
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I read the thread on TA's forum. I originally posted to show others they were available.
The fue rounds I did have are gone and I don't see myself making anymore in the future.
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I don't see how TA can issue any legal C&D considering they are different than the first strikes. If anything I'd imagine it was only applicable to him trying to sell them on the TA forums.

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I don't think they can either. They asked him not to sell anymore which suggests as much.

I understand why Tiberius doesn't want re-strikes in circulation but their wants and mine differ greatly. I'd like a free T4.1. I doubt they'll give me one if I ask nicely.
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