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T8.1 & Marballizers

So I went to play today and decided to buy a nice box of my favorite paint; Marballizers. I loaded all of my mags and went to work. I had a player in my sights and shot a string of 3 balls, but the first two exploded in the barrel, while the third went flying crazy. I kept shooting and was making a mess inside of my gun and of every mag. After that game I went back to the staging area and cleaned everything up. After a few unsuccessful attempts, I decided to change the paint. I went with RPS Premium and didnít have a single ball break the rest of the day. I thought I would share this with everyone. The gun was out of the box, set at 280 fps, using a remote with a small Co2 tank.

Has anyone else had issues with a certain paint? I always use Marbs but this gun didn't like it at all.
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Could be a bad batch of marballizers . I bought a case a couple of months ago and i had tge same issues. Plus they were leaking in the bags.
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That guy above knows his stuff!!^^^Sounds like bad marbs it happens takem back!!T series guns are kinda hard on paint.Making messes in side one is no fun !!
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Had the exact same issue as well. First time I had a break in my T8.1 that didn't involve me putting my magazine in incorrectly when I first got it.
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i've had an issue with marbs too, but only in my T8.1, my T8s use them fine

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It seams like Marbs might be the issue, the batch looks fine. The balls looked a little oily but otherwise normal. Without the bolt having a soft face, I guess it's rougher on paint than other guns. I guess I'll stick to lesser quality paint.
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Same issue here. I'd love to hear what everyone else shoots (RPS Premium already noted). I haven't played with my T9 in well over a year because I couldn't get it to stop breaking. If Marbs was the problem, maybe Ill have to revisit the T9.
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I personally have not had issues with marbs the few times I've used them (mostly use allstars or evil) but i have heard others that were not so fortunate.
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my pistols(T-8's) hate Marbs!(Phantom loves Marbs) Valken Redemption shoots great through both weapons. aloha
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Same on A5OG
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I second the Valken Redemption! My pistols have never broke them even in under freezing!
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