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skullcandy1993 02-04-2013 09:20 PM

T8/9 Barrel Testing Suggestions/Comparisons
So I am slowly building a collection of T8 barrels and am planning on spending a day testing them against each other to find the best barrel to use as a general use barrel as well as see if one has strengths in terms of efficiency or accuracy or what have you.

So for those who test barrels I would to hear about how you do so. What suggestions for tests you have, any suggestions would be helpful.

I already plan on doing it with the same marker for everything, that's a given. Also, the same paint. Not sure what I'm doing about air yet though. If I can get my hands on a chrony I will record the speed of every shot.

The barrels that I am planning on testing/comparing that I already have are:
Stock Barrel
Flex Honed Stock Barrel
Endgame Barrel (paid for, in the mail)
Stiffi Barrel (paid for, in the mail)
TyMcneer Brass Barrel
TyMcneer Freak'd Brass Barrel

I am also considering the following barrels:
Lapco .686 Barrel
Lapco .690 Barrel
Flasc Barrel
Milsig Rifled Barrel

And if I can track them down I am going to include:
Lapco UMS Barrel
Hammerhead Rifled Barrel
SSC Freak'd Barrel

Any ideas for tests would be greatly appreciated as I would like to do all of the tests in one shot, rather than doing one at a time.

SpinDoctor15 02-04-2013 09:40 PM

I'm really interested in what you come up with! I'm really interested in Tiberius markers, but don't know a lot a about the accessories and options. I look forward to your results!

skullcandy1993 02-04-2013 09:45 PM

The only thing about my testing to keep in mind is that I will be using one of my T8s, so if you use a T8.1 or a T9.1 these tests won't be entirely relevant.

I am more curious if the rare barrels for the T8 are actually good upgrades or if they are just for show.

FooFighter 02-04-2013 10:52 PM

First define "accuracy." One example puts it as the difference between point-of-aim (POA) and point-of-impact (POI), then that is accuracy. If you mean how tight your group sizes are, then that is "repeatability." [See]

Do the standard 5 groups of 5 shots, and average the most extreme c-t-c distance between two shots in each group, across the 5 groups. I did this, but instead did 6 groups of 4 shots due to the 8 shot magazine (no chrono, and in very light wind - not ideal test paramaters) this past summer - T8.1/Lapco Str8tshot 0.686/Hammerhead Bangstixx muzzle with Daisy Powerline CO2 and Valken Redemption that did not roll through the barrel (don't have a ball sizer). The average c-t-c spread was 3 inches at 50 feet (benched, of course, not handheld).

Your desire to put a little or a lot of attention to details (for example, whether or not you determine the average diameter of the paintballs used in your testing) is totally up to you. Let us know what you get in the end!!!!

Wolfman 02-05-2013 05:52 AM

Sounds like a plan, good luck!

biteweasel 02-05-2013 01:43 PM


Flex Honed Stock Barrel
I predict this one will come out on top. Its what I run in my T9 and works very well for me, but I'm interested in seeing how it compares to the other barrels out there.

Mr.Smith 02-05-2013 08:20 PM

Aw damn, I think I took out the barrel guide part of the useful resources last time I edited it :( Talk to VooDooAddict, he knows a good amount about the barrels

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