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Help W/ T9.1 Pressure Regulator


TLR need instructions on how to adjust the relief valve in the reg.

Have a brand new T9.1. Running it with the solid-stem CO2 and air stock. First game out, worked fine. Second game (a week later) and it started burping and farting air out of the velocity screw. Friend on the field says there's a little screw inside the velocity screw that I need to tighten (and unfortuntely, I take his advice and tighten it "all the way.") Marker now sounds like a shotgun. So, I do a little research, and see that the right way to do it is to unscrew it until it starts to burp/fart a little air, then screw it back in a quarter turn. I follow this advice with an aired up marker and it doesn't burp or fart air until the screw comes all the way out.

I then have to take the Reg completely apart to get this thing back in it, and I'm only "pretty sure" I have it together correctly. No matter how much I fiddle with this screw, though, my marker seriously sounds like a freaking shotgun, and the only advice in the manual is that it's "not a user servicable part."

I'm a seriously frustrated. Can anyone out there help me out with this?

This is crossposted on the Facebook group and on TA's website.

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Pete from Tiberius hooked me up with a great answer. I actually fiddled it back into working order before I read it (I just needed to use something I don't have a whole lot of... patience :P ) but I'm gonna post his answer in case it helps other peoples =D


We say that so people don’t turn it in all the way.(poke-poke-poke) OK, now to fixing it. What that screw does set the relief so that if the regulator stops doing its job then it will vent the excess gas to maintain a safe shot speed. If it fails or isn’t set properly then it can leak, and that is why people say to tighten them and just forget about it, but in this case I think you reg valve did fail and that is why it was burping in the first place. Set that little screw pretty deep into that brass part then, rebuild the reg valve. I would replace the 006 oring it needs to be a poly and it needs to be 90 durometer. VERY IMPORTANT. I will send you one if you can’t find one. Then once rebuilt leave the relief valve screw alone until you have set the velocity on the gun and you are sure it is working properly and then do the thing where you back out the relief until you hear it and go a half turn back in and you should be good. Please let me know how it goes.

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