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8.1 Reg Question

So I'm still new to the T8.1 and trying to get more used to servicing it so I'm practicing taking it apart and putting it back together.

One thing I've come across though:

I was taking apart the reg and ended up getting the relief valve spring out and it took me a while to get it back in. Once I got it back in and all put together, I tested airing it up. No leaks, but when I dry fired it there is an extra little "click" noise when the trigger returns. Is this normal? I don't recall it being there before I took it apart but I do remember there being a click from the trigger but not as loud.

Did I forget something in the rebuild? Do I need to tighten the valve spring screw more?

Any help is very much appreciated!
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Bolt in the forward position when assembled?
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Sounds like it's just your trigger resetting. I've come across it quite often. It's all trigger assembly related, not the regulator.
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Thanks for the input!

I didn't disassemble the bolt at all so haven't moved it. Though is it normal to see the front of it slightly in the breach/barrel when I look through the bottom of the grip where the mag goes? It doesn't seem to be obstructing the breach area but want to make sure before I put a ball in so I don't get a nasty chop.
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I have one t8.1 where the trigger has a very soft "click" as you release, and another t8.1 that does not.... I almost suspect the click comes from the trigger spring rubbing on the frame somewhere, but cannot confirm it.

Dunno where the bolt on mine rests, but you can't have the bolt too far forward (only too far back) when you reassemble without it falling right off the powertube, and then the barrel spring pushes it backward into the correct position - so it's probably the way its supposed to be.
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