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Hank Hill says propane is the way to go.

Serial #00170 8)
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Model 98

Picked this up from a customer for $50 with the strange electronics.
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Here's an updated pic of my Pro-Lite:


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Here is my ProLite. Bought it from a member here actually, thank you. My first Tippmann was a ProLite and I wanted to relive some of those glory days.

Here was my A5 all dressed up in my "milsim" phase. Now I'm in the mind set "less is more". Currently it only has a Flatty on it and a WAS'ed E-grip. I have to admit the E-grip is a lot of fun at times.
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here's "one" of mine...

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Palmers Fan
Boredom + My 98c + Can of Paint =...

Boredom + My 98c + Can of Paint =

I used a can of my favorite "Hammered Finish" from Rust-Oleum. The surprising part was probably that masking over the letters only took a couple minutes.
Now I just need to get a new sling tossed onto the mounts on the shroud and tank butt plate.

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Cool trick for masking letters I learned from detailing Honda's in my car club days. Just smear vaseline over the parts you don't want painted, after the paint dries wipe away the vaseline and you got your masked parts done. Haven't tried it myself, but I've got a few crap guns begging for a paint job so I will try it and report back...

Still in my milsim phase so next up is a picattiny (sic?) rail, a bipod and sling. I'll post pics of my SL-68 project later.
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My first and favorite 98C:

My project 98C, finished:
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Q Loader
JCS Combat Folding Stock
Rocket Cock
14" Dye Xcell
Dead On Bolt + Powertube
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Okay, here's a few. Nothing fancy.

My wife keeps asking me why I need more markers?..........why does she do that?

WTB..... SMG clip catcher, SMG internal air line.
WTB .... Oct/88 APG.Got it, Thanks Dan

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