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Started with a brand new procarb.
Replaced the barrel, and replaced velocity screw with short screw.
Replaced stock hammer with lightened hammer
Installed stabalizer and x-chamber. Regulated down until gun no-longer recocked, back up a hair to settle at about 600psi.
Installed RVA and used spring kit to acheive 285fps.
I run a 16oz anti-siphon and Empire Reloader.
This gun has achieved +/-0 at the chrono on two seperate occasions, and is always within+/-3 on a big red chrono

The only fault this setup has is that once the co2 cools off, there's not enuff pressure to recock without a ball chambered. As long as there's a ball there it recocks, and the reloader makes sure there is. As long as its on...

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My Feedback:

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the smg-68 is sn#781
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My 98. RT, rear cocking kit (the slot is filled in with JB weld), on/off drop forward (don't remember what brand it is), J&J Edge barrel (don't know if this is any good yet, only played with it once and wasn't impressed, but I was having weird pressure issues that day), Rufus Dawg centerfeed, and a reg taken from a Pirahna. The Pirahna reg is basically just a placeholder for a Palmer Stabilizer, which I hope to purchase soon. Don't know if it's any good yet.

The hopper is a modded Extreme Rage electronic hopper. My brother (an electronics whiz) took one of their "always on" hoppers and added eyes and a board he made so that it only agitates when it detects a stoppage.
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Fan of EMR
Brass N Wood Fan
Nothing special here.
A5 for sturdy reliability.(ditched the flatline...nothing but bad luck with it)
C3 for BBQ'ing after the game.

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My version of the A-5

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Here's my new M98, took about 3 months, on and off.

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The only thing that really make my post better than the rest is Bon Bon in the background.

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this is my sweetheart in the early stages. I cut off the trigger handle then added a double trigger in its place ,set it into a M1 grand stalk and has a 10 round PTjr mag in place of the hopper.
as soon as I get an updated pic I'll post it.

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Just my Tippys
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Originally Posted by pizzaluvr View Post
You should mount those double troubels together to make a quad trouble
something like this?

Originally Posted by HurtCow View Post
My cousins are all old ugly skanks. My sisters, however...
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