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Hey I recently picked up two Sl68s II. I was wondering can they use a Ninja HPA tank, with the double oring?? It doesn't seem like when I tried to screw it in it wouldn't go all the way in and air up, but my c02 tank works fine on it, so I know its not the threading.
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I know my sl68 2 (gen one) didn't like the HPA, Had velocity issues and was low.
But if you respring it properly you should be able to us HPA.

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I always used a 13ci tank on my older SL-68 IIs didn't have any problems at all. I don't recall regulator manufacturer though.

NJK hit it, if you're getting velocity issues, try swapping springs around until you get satisfactory results.
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My Ninja tank is fitting fine in my SL68 II. The flared end of the regulator does not seat against the gun; but neither does the regulator on my Mini. I don't have any air in the tank now; but confident that everything is in working order.
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i had the same problem of not being able to get past 245fps with hpa on my sl68II. i was using a remote line. my sl is co2 only now.
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Barrel match your paint. Replace the velocity grub screw with a shorter one? Enlarge the holes on the valve? Softer valve spring?

All seem like possible ways to increase velocity.
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