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Can I Just Say How AWESOME Tippmann Customer Service is :)

Ok guys, I was so impressed yet AGAIN with Tippmann customer service that I just had to share this experience with you all. So, the story:

I go to Logan, UT last weekend to attend the awesome "Aliens in the Rockies: Resurrection" scenario game event. Suuuuper fun game btw. Anyways, while there I'm chronoing my TiPX and in short, it craps out on me. I take a shot and feel a much more than normal recoil in the marker, after which the marker would not fire, it would just leak air out of somewhere when I pulled the trigger. Super bummer. :/ So I take it apart to look at it and find that one of the o-rings in the vavle got torn/cut and I find this thin metal ring. Turns out the ring is part of the vavle housing, a part on the very back of it towards the rear of the marker that hepls hold that "c" shaped ring in the back. The ring is like the rear most ridge on the inside of the vavle body/housing that that c-ring goes behind that prevents the internals from coming out the back (those of you who are familiar with the valve will know what I'm taking about). Anyways, it came off completely clean so I had a hard time figuring out what broke. When I did, well dang :/, I need an entirely new valve body. But at least I know what's broken now.

Enter Tippmann. I give them a call, contact the Waranty and Technical Service department and tell what's broken and what parts I would need. I called with the intent to just ask how/what would be the best way to get those new parts. The super friendly representative asked me if I'd feel comfortable swaping out the parts from my vavle into a new one which I had no problem with, but because he said it'd be easier to just replace the entire thing (which he said they do when a broken and/or not working marker comes in to be reapired because it's easier for them too) he simply asked me for my name, address, and phone number, and then told me that my new entire vavle assembly would be promptly shipped out to me and on its way later today ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE. To make my long story short, Tippmann customer service is absolutely THE BEST customer service of ANY company I have EVER dealt with EVER.

I just wanted to share.
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They are, they said they will sent me a free tombstone latch.
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The real test of customer service is by email. If a company resolves an issue through email promptly then they make my A list. Most marker companies fail in this respect from my experience. However never tried Tippman.
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buddies cyclone wouldn't feed on our way to westpoint last spring, so we bring it to the tippmann tech there. He slaps in new internals. then notices that he doesn't have the new RT. slaps on a brand new RT. the a5 still wont cycle. Slaps a brand new cyclone on it and cycles. my buddy and i are standing there like... wahhhhht just happened?
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tippmann's customer service is THE BEST i have ever seen - hands down .

** i maintain 3rd shift hours so if i dont respond right away during the day - ya know why

my feedback :
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i can agree with that.........sent me parts for free to this side of the world, no qustions asked.
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Took my A5 to DDay, tombstone wouldn't seal against the oring in the valve because of some bent metal. Less than 5 minutes later I have a new valve, hammer, mainspring, sear, and powertube. And the guy was even able to dig up a drivespring for my Prolite. No charge. And he was actually interested in the highflow fittings on my cyclone and RT, the AC barrel adapter I had, plus the front bolt bumper I made.

I left some money in the tip jar. Best CS in the biz, hands down.
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I have personally seen Tippmann's Tec department in person... The have like 5 guys, while i was there they only had 3 working. So they are on the phone solving issues, they also are on the computer answering e-mails and questions, and they are physically working on markers that people have sent them. It was amazing to see! They have always treated me right and taken care of any issue i have had with any product. Just because of Tippmann's support to "Made In USA", Great service, and reliable products i will always stand behind them.
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