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PMAG on an Alpha Black/Salvo

I know it's been done before, but when I went to find a how-to on how much to cut off of a PMAG to make it look right on the Alpha Black, I didn't have much luck.

A PMAG is actually cheaper for me to buy locally than getting anything airsoft or pre-modded (and cheaper than Tippmann's original part), so it was a no brainer to just pick up an extra one for the sake of modding. I like the ones with the windows on my actual AR, but for paintball use, I saw no need for the extra expense.

First, you disassemble your PMAG.

See this button:

Push down on it and slide the base plate forward, like so:

Make sure you keep your finger on the green part, so the whole assembly doesn't go flying:

Remove your spring and follower and set aside:

The spring and follwer by themselves often sell for almost as much as a complete PMAG, because people who own the standard GI mags seem to prefer the Magpul follower to the stock one. In short, don't lose this, it might make most of the money of your mod back. In my case, I'm holding onto it for parts.

In this photo, you see my modded PMAG, and an uncut windowed PMAG for reference. Basically, you draw a straight line across the mag in line with the top of the little protrusion on the side, and cut it off with a hacksaw:

I figured out how much to cut by eyeballing the overall length of a standard Alpha magazine against the length of the PMAG. Now, they're roughly the same.

The cut mag will almost friction fit by itself. In my case, I found that two layered pieces of electrical tape along the front face and tucked inside the top of the mag gave the best result for securing it the rest of the way:

I can actually pick the gun up by the magazine and shake it around and it doesn't come out. Here's the finished product:

The mag sits exactly the same way in my Tippmann as it did on my AR. I'm very satisfied with the result and hope it helps anyone else who'se looking to add that final touch to their marker.

Final thoughts:
You will notice that I put the dust cover over the bottom of the PMAG. That serves to hold the baseplate on the bottom of the mag without needing any adhesives, and it's how I run my mags on my AR, so it works for me visually. You may want to glue the baseplate in for a cleaner appearance. This also allows me to later on swap in a Ranger baseplate (the ones with the loops built in) for a different look.

Post final thoughts:
It would figure that about a month after posting, the value of a new PMAG was over $100. Thankfully things have settled down a bit, although I would recommend doing this sort of hack to a less than Magpul quality magazine. (Tapco, Thermomold, ProMag, etc.) Keep your good mags for WROL/SHTF.

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very clean, good work
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how did you change the shroud to a magpul one, and also the stock to a milspec buffer tube?

your gun looks awesome, and I want mines similar to yours
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