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Crossover...any opinions?

A friend is looking to pick up a Crossover. He likes the idea of the mech and electric options.

Anyone have an opinion on this gun? I know nothing about it.

Edit: I forgot to mention that this would be his first gun.

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It's not a bad option. Does the job. It's like an upgraded phenom. I would say look around first but it wouldn't be a bad gun to get.
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I think Tinman had one. Might want to hit him up cause I'm sure he'd let you check it out / borrow it for a game or two if he does indeed own one still.

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Note: While I would love to take credit for his work, I am not associated with Mad Customs!
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It shoots paintballs. Pretty straight forward marker. Super plain jane and makes me go meh.

The neato function is the mech to electro, similar to the E-mag setup.

Is the electro part truly necessary? I would say go with the eNme or however the hell the thing is spelled.
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Trigger is stiff as hell, design is 10 years too late, Imho.
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I've only shot a hopper through one. I wasn't really impressed. As mentioned, the trigger is horribly stiff and near impossible to get a decent rate of fire going consistently. For the same money, you can get an Etha. No, it doesn't have the mech option, but it is a damn fine marker for the price.
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Ultimate paintball has world cup demo crossovers for $249.95 with free shipping. Mine should be in on the 23rd.
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I picked one up yesterday to use at practice with the D5-D3 guy's we have. Trigger need's work, but a bic pen spring cut down is pretty sweet. It' has all the modes you'd ever want and as a mostly pump player, I didn't break the bank for a gun that'll spend most of it's life in the gear bag.
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Shot one of these when they were first starting to appear on the market. The trigger was stiff so we removed the trigger spring and replaced it with a lighter pen spring. it allowed for easier walking.

I did like the feel, but with all the other markers that have popped up... I cannot see myself keeping one in my bag.
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With the new trigger being announced, I don't see how your friend could go wrong with one. I've been playing for 27 years, and to me, this is the perfect balance of lightweight, durable, and reliable. Win!!!!
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