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Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post

For your next trick, I'll pay you to make a 10rd magwell extension that fits over the bottom of the grip and has bolts that replace the normal body bolt, plus a shoulder bolt that goes through the lanyard hole.

I have the 10rd mags, I could mail ya one if you have a way to scan it.

This would be a great way to make a magwell for the double 12g mag.

agentSmith where did you get 10rd mags from?
I have been working on the cad for a 10rd 3d printable mag but if I can just buy them I would, and just abandon my mag project.
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I made them!
They're quite sturdy. I don't care for them myself, they're fine in the pistol, so-so at best in the pouch and a disaster in the dump to my way of doing things. I know other folks that would like 'em!

The exposed slot is bad medicine, so a magwell extension around 2" or so would be nice.

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And it's done! It has not only survived the Mahlwinkel, it's also proven itself in battle! Had a few nice eliminations with it and a lot of fun!

It's a got a slight leak somewhere though. After leaving it aired up for about 2 hours the 13ci tank goes down from 3000 to 1000 psi. This is not something I've noticed before with the TPX but then again, I've never left it aired up for that long before either. It's not really a problem during a normal day of playing where I can refill the tank after each game. On a biggame however I'd sometimes be in the field for a few hours...

Anyway, here's a pic!

And another one on the field. Please don't mind us looking silly, I assure you, this is the least terrible pose we took photos of :P

About making a magwell extention; while I enjoyed working on this little project, I'm by no means a professional engineer. I don't want to take money on something that I cannot guarantee will work. Besides, this thing actually took quite a lot of time to get right so I think for now It's a one off kind of thing. I'd upload the 3d file but it's actually not quite right, there was a lot of dremel and cutting work involved to get the bracket to fit on the TPX. Maybe if I decide to make a v2.0 and get that to work propperly straight off the printer I'll share it.

If you're looking to experiment a little, try out Google Sketchup. It's free and pretty easy to learn. There are plenty of companies out there that do 3d printing as well. You can usually upload a file and have them mail you the part.

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Are you using an on/off ASA or just a standard one? Do you have to completely degass everything before you can remove the tank?
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Just ran across this.
How much to have another one of these printed out.
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man, it look like a double sided version of the one i made from steel( which i sold to bow i believe) ! Nice work!!!
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