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SL-68 Finish?

Does anyone happen to know what the finish was on the original SL-68's? I believe that the body is an Aluminum-Magnesium alloy that I don't believe could have been annodized. I picked up one off Kijiji that had been spray-bombed olive green at some point, and I'm wondering if stripping off the paint will affect the finish underneath. Or if I should just roll with the olive green beast of a gun look.
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The finish is a tough enamel paint I believe. I have one that was sand-blasted, and I painted over it. Seems to hold the paint on really well. The black on the original does eventually flake and chip - so some sort of color over the silver is good to have.

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Originally Posted by wetfootwilley View Post
I have one that was sand-blasted, and I painted over it. WFW
Wonder where you got that?

And Theoretically you don't really need any finish on them.
I wont Specify what Type or Material its composed of, Due to the fact that I'm not sure anymore but I can state that it oxidizes almost instantly after being exposed but it doesn't pit or lose integrity
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