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djeclypse 06-29-2013 10:42 AM

Pro Carb rebuild
I picked up a procarb from a field sell off, missing parts, just to mess around with and rebuild. After tear down I found that some carriage bolts, sear spring, velocity adjust spring and screw, rear spring and guide bolt, and endcap are all missing. Other bolts, springs could use replacement. What are the interchangeability of pro carb parts with other Tippmann models, specifically the 98 ? I read that the pro lite trigger spring will give you a lighter pull. Any others? Any recommendations on how to work this up? My family is new to this, and while the kids are having a blast spraying paint, I am enjoying resurrecting old markers. Have already brought 2 98's back and have a vm68 in progress. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Chappy 06-29-2013 11:30 AM

Not a lot of interchangeable parts between procarbs and 98's besides some springs, orings, and detents. The spring you want for the trigger isn't a prolite. You either want a sl68 spring or an m98 or early model c98 trigger spring.
If you are missing the endcap, you may as well replace it with a rear velocity adjuster. You can try to track down a nice jcs, or one o the other aftermarket pieces. I have some stock escapes that I drilled for rva, I'd sell you one cheap if you're interested. They only adjust about 30 fps, but they work. I've got a few other bits as well, New detent and hammer bumper for instance, that would help with your rebuild. Pm me if your interested .
I bought my procarb in 05, one of the last on the new market. It was "obsolete" then, but 8 years later its still one of my primaries. Lightened hammer , rva , spring kit, dye one piece aluminum barrel, and drilled out powertube. Its as accurate and consistent as anything else, and quieter than most.

SlvrDragon50 06-30-2013 12:23 AM

I'll be paying close attention to this. Got a Pro Carb myself that I want to refurbish.

djeclypse 06-30-2013 10:22 AM

Anyone else have some good info for pro carbs? I saw one that was front and rear stocked with wood to resemble an m1. Don't want to go that route, but ideas for low pressure, lighter valve train, etc. I don't think.a 98 end cap will fit but this one definitely needs a cap, spring and spring guide. Can I use a lighter spring as part of a low pressure conversion similar to the one for the 98s?

TinyBear 06-30-2013 10:50 AM

Guide pin and spring from an A5 will,prolly work find. Your not really gona convert it to lower preasure without a ton of work.

As for the back cap your gona need to find an original as the Carbines back caps are threaded on unlike the 98c.

The velocity screw and spring are available at Hustel paintball I know. Both the nylon style and the aluminum style (get the aluminum one).

As for bolts and all that run stock these guns ran GREAT out the box no need to fix what ain't broke.

If you hunt around you may find spare parts kits still for these. I all ready have one but browsing my local pro shop I noticed they have one sitting on the shelf as well still.

After 15 years of hard abuse I still love my Carbine still works great and even some now still looks half way decent. I still maintain the Carbine series by Tippmann were hands down the Best blow backs made to date.

SlvrDragon50 06-30-2013 05:10 PM

I know a lot of people polished the tube for increased efficiency. Surprised you run yours on HPA TinyBear, I thought Pro/Carbs were pretty much made to run on siphond CO2.

river031403 06-30-2013 05:31 PM

I've been wanting one fir quite sometime

B-17 06-30-2013 05:38 PM

The Pro-Lite is what you're thinking of SlvrDragon. The Pro/Carb has the same CVX valve as the 98 (If I'm not mistaken).

My pro-lite really likes liquid co2, but can run on gas as well.

Bleeds 06-30-2013 05:39 PM


Originally Posted by SlvrDragon50 (Post 2746576)
I know a lot of people polished the tube for increased efficiency. Surprised you run yours on HPA TinyBear, I thought Pro/Carbs were pretty much made to run on siphond CO2.

You need to go farther back in the Tippmann line of markers to find the siphon'ed CO2 ones. Pro/Carbines have the CVX valve and don't mind HPA at all. I use a 13/3000 on mine and it's never had a problem.

Woops, B-17 got to it before I did. IIRC the Pro/Lites and Pro/Ams had the older style valves while the Pro/Carbine was the first to use the CVX.

djeclypse 06-30-2013 06:05 PM

River, there is a major supplier clearancing a field rental fleet 1 by 1 on the bay. Winning bid plus $15 shipping. I got 1 for $22 to my door. They are broken and missing parts, so if mine is any indication you can expect to add $40 or so more in parts. Mine is missing a few screws, the rear cap and spring and guide, the velocity screw and spring, and grips. Not a big deal, but until I get the rear spring and guide, rear cap and velocity screw, I won't be able to t est fire and see if any other components are missing. Not a big deal for me since I get more enjoyment from working and customizing the marker.

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