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98 trigger/sear spring configurations?

Sorry my knowledge on the 98 is a little fuzzy. I know these started with pull type springs on both the trigger and sear, and ended with push springs on both. What I'm wondering is if there was ever a variant that had a pull sear with a push trigger spring? Thanks to anyone who can help figure this out.
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Yup, early 98 Customs had that style. Model 98s had both trigger and sear pull springs, then the customs had the push trigger pull sear setup, then the 98 Customs with ACT (most easily distinguished by the use of a sticker that says 98 Custom as opposed to 98 Custom being cast with the body) had the trigger/sear push type.

The changes were done to accommodate trigger upgrades. The first style only had the E-bolt which got rid of the hammer and sear so that part didn't matter. The second style needed to change the trigger spring because the pull style spring got in the way of the RT. And the last was made to accommodate the e-grip.

Personally, I prefer the feel of the original. The trigger seems much snappier that way.

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Who is this Chad Thompson you all are talking about?
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Thanks! I couldn't remember because it is long gone for many years, but I think my first 98 custom (fairly early model) was set up this way. I have a Model 98 now that is pull/pull.

I've been thinking about building one of these up as a simple mech to play with, and kind of like you, I'm thinking in terms of trigger feel. The pull trigger does seem snappy, but to me the push trigger I think felt a little softer/smoother. I just wanted to know if I would have to work on tracking one of these down somewhere to compare the two.

Either way, I want to stick with the pull sear - the lockup with the hammer just seems much more solid/consistent with them compared to the newest models off the line, and I might be imagining things, but I vaguely remember when I was experimenting with lighter hammers that the pull sear seemed a little quicker to catch the hammer when using a not super soft main spring.

Thanks again!
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