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ECCO Challenge Aug 19th Los Alamos, NM

Urban Survivors August 19 2006

It’s the ECCO Challenge of the paintball world. A grueling trek across the rugged mountain terrain of Northern New Mexico, where you and your four-man RECON team must venture to capture three guarded flag stations spread throughout the several mile course. Roving snipers will try to impede your progress, as you navigate through canyons, cross mountains, over streams, around booby traps and Armored Vehicles. You and your team carry all your supplies to last you through a day of adrenalin pumping action. Your only hope is to get more supplies at the heavily guarded midway depot, rush through the rest of the course and make it across the finish line with the most points and best time. But beware, other recon teams are out for the same goal and they to will try to pass you. Do you have what it takes?! You can’t say “Been there. . .Done That. . .” until you put your skills to the ultimate test. THE EXTREME RECON CHALLENGE!

Urban Survivors LLC is hosting the annual EXTREME RECON CHALLENGE. Sign your team up today and start getting into shape for the test of your life. For more information call (505) 662-2749.

“You only live life once, and if you live it right with no regrets, once is enough.”

THE EXTREME RECON CHALLENGE IN THE MOUNTAINS OF LOS ALAMOS NM, Elevation 7,500 ft., is August 19th, 2006 at 0700 hrs Mountain Time. - “FIRST ONE TO DIE . . . .LOSES!’-

The Extreme Recon Challenge is a cross-country race incorporating paintball and competing 4 man teams. Each team is competing to be the best recon team in the country. First place prizes and the title of knowing that your team is the best. The course is laid out through the mountains and is well marked. There are three flag stations spread through out the course. Two defenders guard each flag station. Your team’s objective is to capture these flags to gain points. Points are also issued to each team for each defender they “ neutralize”. The course is plagued with snipers who will try to slow down your team, and/ or neutralize you and your teammates. These snipers are also worth points. However, each time you or one of your teammates is hit by a defender or sniper your team is deducted points. If a booby trap is triggered you also lose points. The teams that cross the finish line with the best time will gain additional points. The team with the most points wins the championship and the prizes. Before the RECON CHALLENGE begins each team is issued two cases of paintballs and CO2. (That is ALL, so “spray and pray” tactics are not the best idea. This adds realism to the challenge. Not many real recon patrols go out into the wilderness with thousands of rounds strapped to their bodies). There is an ammo depot halfway through the course, that if you capture, you may pick up some of your allocated extra paintballs. It is heavily guarded so take your chances. You may carry as much CO2 as you may need, but the lighter your pack the better. Each team can carry 5 grenades if they wish. These paint grenades can be ordered when each team fills out its entry form.

A referee trails each team. This ref. will keep your time, track your point total, perform paint checks, and ensure safety. If your team needs to take a food/water/ maintenance break, your ref will hold up a safety flag to ensure that you are not attacked by another team or sniper during your break where your face masks might be off. The ref. is your best friend since he tracks your points, ensures your safety, and guides you in case you get lost, however, the ref does keep a low profile as to not detract from your team's tactics.

Each team must be properly equipped, dressed, and ready for an extreme adventure. Proper shoes with good support, first aid kit, water, and energy snacks are required on each team. Each player on each team must sign and agree to a release waiver and must understand that they are playing at their own risk. Each player must have medical insurance, and proof thereof on the day of the race. No major injuries have occurred in the 9 years of operations for Urban Survivors LLC, however we must take the proper actions to ensure safety.

Entrance fee $280 per team, that’s $70 per person. This covers your Paintballs, CO2, Ref, and Challenge costs. Call for entrance application: (505) 662-2749. Limited number of slots available so register before July 1st 2006. Prove that you are the best, enter your team today.

“Those who are skilled take the Recon Challenge , …… Those who aren’t play Speedball. “

Brought to you by URBAN SURVIVORS LLC and AIRTIPPS. Your paintball outfitters in the Los Alamos area. Urban Survivors LLC (505) 662-2749 AIRTIPPS (505) 663-0230.
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