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There were some cameras and I know some video was shot of the Mentos mine on the bridge. I love to see that posted.
We've done every possible configuration- from moving start points to helicopter insertions and even transporters. (Beam me up Scotty). This game was intended to be as simple as possible. The constant stalemate fight in the center was expected, but we thought there would be more breakouts. Just too evenly matched.
In retrospect, I should have fielded a third team to mix things up, as we've done before.
I think the game went very well, and the soda theme may have prevented some heat exhaustion, as we maintained a large quantity of free drinks available.
I'd like to thank everyone who came out to play the game, especially those who travelled a great distance to attend. I hope your faith in us was rewarded. Sheldon and his refs- especially head ref Ron, did a fantastic job with the game. Thanks to you guys, it worked.
Sheldon's prize giveaway was great- the guns, gear, and paint was very generous.
A very big thank you goes to Mark- Yellow#5 and Ed, Mr E, our generals for the game. Excellent job leading your teams and maintaining the scenario.
I hope you all enjoyed the field, the players and the game. Thank you!
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Cool deal on the starting variations - my bad for not being there before, but that's not a mistake I intend to repeat! I'll definitely be back.
Originally Posted by TSSOC.Professor View Post
Oh no.
Originally Posted by Axel View Post
Mark could sew an all-patch mankini... Greg, please change the background color to yellow
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So...... Bret.

No explanation of the blood and feathers in the broken refrigerator?

Have a heart for the guys who were too stupid to make the date!


Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
I still don't get that.
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G/F jealous of paintball.
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Just another day on the rock.
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Forgot 2 things.
Ramping was allowed for most of the day. Before the last encounter, a vote was taken to see if everyone should switch back to semi, and the vote was yes. Cannot remember why the vote came up.

The lot that held the landing craft has two new additions. 1 armored half track, and a real deal tank. And some more artillery pieces. I know the tank is not a Sherman. The thing looked low and wide, long barrel coming out of the turrent, kind of boxy looking, wide tracks. Looking at it from the front, there is a round machine gun port on the left, with a barrel sticking out, and some sort of square view port on the right.
The landing craft looks like it is gone, and the trasport trucks I saw earlier are gone also.
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Wannaplay would like to find some pictures from this event.
If you have any, please post them or pm me so we can get them on his website.
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