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2013 NEPL PUMP season discussion

Whats up everyone! The 2012 season is sadly over but its never too early to start some fire under peoples butts for 2013!! Hopefully the world dosent end because i want to play PAINTBALL next year!

I know i am going to franchise BALLER STATUS for next season, and i hope too see all of you franchise teams back out there again next season!! There is also talk of another 1 or possibly 2 teams from here in RI looking to play the whole season next year!

i just want to see this event grow and have some solid numbers out there so Boston paintball knows we are serious about this league. It is always a fun day of paintball for everyone, i have played events and came in 1st place and other events i have placed DEAD LAST but i had an AWESOME time playing either way!

Im not sure if they have released any info about next season on Boston paintballs website or anything but i will try and post up info in here when i see it. my computer is on its way out right now so i might not be able to update this much, so feel free to post info up in here if you find anything!!!


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Schedule hasn't been released. All info is provided at the January captains meeting

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I'd encourage everyone to franchise. Overall the year was very affordable and only having to worry about a case or two of discounted paint per event made it a pretty much hassle free experience. Not to mention it's been fun times. I'm hoping we can keep bumping the numbers until we get enough for 5-man or possibly xball style pump play.
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We're going to throw in at least one team next year, maybe more. I know we have a BUNCH of the younger kids at the field getting CCM guns for Christmas.
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I'll be either putting a team together or trying to latch onto a team.

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how much was it for the franchise last year?
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Paul I think was 600$ for season.
Great event and always a blast cant wait for new season!
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No team, not sure if I can find anymore people to coerce into cooperating with me.
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I too am going to try and put together a team. Gotta talk to a few friends this month and see if they are in.
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Warzone factory from RI will be franchising, however we will not be under warzone factory name in 2013.

We look foward to a great season next spring.

Joe D.
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