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WCPS 10-Man Woodsball: Event #1 March 16th @ Splat Action- Mollala, OR

Just thought I'd share WCPS is hosting their first 10-Man Woodsball tournament of the season on March 16th at Splat Action in Molalla. If you've never been to Splat Action, you're missing out. It is definitely worth a drive as they have built up multiple villages. WCPS puts on great events, and anyone looking for a woodsball league should check this out!

WCPS 10-Man Woodsball: Event #1 March 16th @ Splat Action- Mollala, OR

Originally Posted by WestcoastPBseries View Post
West Coast Paintball Series

Presents: The 2013, 10-Man Woodsball Season,

Event #1- Saturday, March 16th

Location: Splat Action - Molalla, OR

Entry Fee: $400 if paid 30 days prior to the event; $450 if paid 14-30 days prior to the event; $500 if paid 3-14 days prior to the event. The entry fee covers up to 14 rostered players.

GI Sportz Paint: Two grades $55- $60

The Format and General Rules:

As combat progresses, the battle field evolves. Those who rise up victorious are the teams who use strategy, speed, and flexibility in order to quickly adapt to the changing conditions.

• 2 Flag Base Objectives: Flag bases will be situated mid-way between each team. Teams must develop a plan for capturing, holding, and reinforcing these bases.

• 20 Minute Games, 10-Man Teams: 100 points possible per game; 80 points possible for captured flag objectives + and additional 20 points for completely eliminating the opposing team before game time ends. At each 5 minute interval, one of the two flag base objectives will be randomly determined as a “Hot” base by the field refs. “Hot” bases will earn the team who has captured it, 3 points per minute. Meanwhile, the other flag base objective will be considered a “Cold” base and will subsequently earn the team who has captured it, 1 point per minute. The team that earns the most points will win that match.

• Players Will Have 2 lives Per Game: every player will begin a game with two arm bands. The first time a player is eliminated, the player must return back to their starting base and turn in one of the arm bands to the base ref. Once the arm band has been received by the start base ref, the player can immediately enter back into game play.

• Playing Field: each field will be roughly the size of a football field or larger and may utilize buildings, forts, natural structures, or any other structures common to woodsball. With consideration of the terrain, the following will apply: the two flag base objectives will be accessible 50/50 for both teams and each of these objectives will favor towards a sideline.

• Firing Mode: semi or ramping capped at 15 bps. If your marker cannot be capped at 15 bps or under, you will need to use a gravity-fed hopper, or an approved hopper listed here. Velocity must be 300 fps or below.

• Exotic Weapons: rocket launchers will be allowed. Rocket launchers must chronograph under 230 fps. Rockets are only to be fired at structures used as cover by the opposing team. The place where the rocket firsts impacts will have a 12 foot blast radius. All opposing players within this radius will immediately be eliminated (referees must be able to witness the point of impact). A total of 8 individual rockets are allowed per team per game- once a rocket is launched, it is no longer able to be fired again by either team.

Games begin at 9 a.m. , captain's meeting at 8:30 a.m.

Click to Register online now.
(Cash is preferred at the event. However, we can accept credit cards but you'll have to wait a little longer in the morning line. Paint can be purchased at the event)

Concessions available at the Events.

Prizes: The overall top 3 season ranked teams will be awarded prizes. Prizes will include Championship custom made jerseys for 1st place. Other prizes for overall season top placing teams are TBA, which could include either gear, vouchers, or cash or a combination.

Event #1 March 16th @ Splat Action- Molalla, OR
Event #2 May 18th @ The Swamp- Lebanon, OR
Event #3 July 20th @ TBA
Event #4 September 21st @ TBA

Team List:
(Bolded team names have paid their entry fees)

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