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October 19th Wild West Paintball 2/20 Tournament

Fluffy Bunnies Pump and Wild West Paintball Present
The 2/20 tournament
Wild West Paintball
Mesa, AZ
Jkoselka, Yorosaru, or myself
or Wild West Paintball @ 602-733-7972
October 19th, 2013 at 9:00 am
AIR and Co2 available
BYOP or buy at the field

2 player teams, 20 round limit per player, round robin
NO HOPPER OR GUN Restrictions (Mechanical, electronic, and pump welcome)
$25 per player/ $50 per team

1. you get hit anywhere you are out.
2. each player can have 20 rounds only
3. chrono is 300 FPS
4. only 3 rounds to chrono, if after the first 3 rounds you are still over then you have to use your playing paint.
5. no marker or hopper discrimination it can be electric, mechanical, or pump.
6. Center Flag
7. Round Robin
8. no sideline coaching.
9. Winning can be done by flag hang or by eliminating the opposing team and hanging the flag....thus you win by hanging the flag
10. the start position will be a the base in the center of the field on the respective side.
11. 2 Minute games
12. if the time runs out no team gets the Win.
13. the flag cannot be hidden it has to be carried by hand. not tucked in their shirt or in a pod pack, if the flag carrier gets shot he becomes the new flag pole. (no reset time for the flag)
14. playing on should be a automatic loss for the team for that match. if you are shot and wipe and keep playing you lose if you get shot and keep playing even if you didnt feel it you lose that game.
15. Roster: 2 people
16. NO paint sharing during the game each player has 20 rounds.
17. No Physical contact, no barrel tags, no fighting
18. Wild West Field Rules will also be in effect
19. We will have a free agent list. No team we will try to get you one
20. Prizes: TBA
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