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View Poll Results: Do you like or Dislike Launchers at the Mil-Sim Leagues
Yes 4 44.44%
No 5 55.56%
Voters: 9. You may not vote on this poll

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Likes & Dislikes of Rocket Launchers in league play

Do you guys "like” or "dislike” the idea of Nerf Football Rocket Launchers being used at a Woodsball/Mil-Sim League/Tournament? I for one like the idea behind it (Military Realism), but when applying it to Woodsball Leagues/Tournaments, I dislike it.

2 things came to mind after I read the current rules from the SPPL Rule # 22.1.5, TTPL Rule# Sec 2, UWL Rule# Special Weapons .; OFFICIAL TTPL RULES UWL UWL | Ultimate Woodsball League | The Rules).

First, we must trust the eye coordination of a Ref. (As per the rules, a projectile from the launcher can kill a player within so many feet). Who is to say that the Ref called the shot correctly or incorrectly? Are you going to waste time arguing with the Ref?

Secondly, shots can only be taken into play when a Ref is around the landing site. Therefore, if a Ref is not around you can either lose the opportunity of using the launcher or shout for a Ref and helpfully you will not spook the opposing player. Either way you lose the shot!

What’s you opinion? Please place your vote on the poll and write the reason why you like or dislike the use of Rocket Launcher at Woodsball/Mil-Sim Leagues/Tournaments.
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I kinda didnt know how to answer it.

I think the options for the poll should say Like and Dislike, not yes and no. Maybe its just me.
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aww and here i was hoping there was some kinda speedball legue that would let me use a havok launcher
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I like there being nerf rockets. I think it adds a bit more... realism isn't quite the right word... It adds a different aspect of the game as well as the tactics using and defending against rocket attacks. Some people complain that having rockets in the game "isn't paintball", but it is an addition to scenario paintball.

At Blanding a few years ago, Q (master launcher builder that's on my team), brought his howitzer launcher (looks like a towed artillery piece, and is considered a tank in games). The rules for this game allowed rockets fired from tanks to take out everyone behind a wall of a building. We coordinated with 3 refs where we'd thread rockets through windows and interior doorways to hit the inside of an exterior wall and the ref on the exterior of the building would call everyone using that wall as cover out. I think we got 40 eliminations with one rocket that way.

I think they're fun, but the number of launchers on the field should be limited so people start bringing tanks back to the fields.


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Originally Posted by Chachi View Post
I think they're fun, but the number of launchers on the field should be limited so people start bringing tanks back to the fields.

yeah, at blanding in '07 the tanks were really out-numbered and barely made it around the perimeter.

but i don't like fighting for an hour to get to a wall and have one tank go by and push you off like the hand of god...
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