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Tribal board fried up!

Hi guys,

I seem to be having a real pain in the *** Tribal.
Its a single trigger Twister that I bought new, but didn't get to try but only 5 years. I was super excited to play with it, planned on taking it out of the box and playing with it straight away, boy was I wrong.

A HUGE leak was coming from there somewhere so I said screw it, put the gun back to the closet for another 5 years. It's been daunting me ever since, I know I have to get it working, I love the feel of that gun. So I tinkr with it, adjust the pressures, get a reduced leak, fine tune some more, even smaller leak and then out of a sudden, BAM the gun is working! I go shoot it in my back yard and I'm loving every minute of it. It's really hard to describe the feeing but that thing felt almost too good.

I take it on the field with me, first time in 10 years, and mow peoples faces off with it. First round I got 3 eliminations with it and the full auto feature was hilarious, I was just giggling and shooting at people. Must have dumped all my pods just seeing how it shoots, never releasing the trigger, full auto

For second round it wont turn on, ok, the battery might be dead.
I take the gun home, swap a new battery and seems like something shorted out, the battery started heating and before I got it removed the light from the board went from bright to dim. It wont switch back on.

PLEASE tell me theres something I can do to get it working. I really like that gun and would like to get it back to people shooting condition. Does anyone know where I can find new electronics for it?

Gun broke, need new board/electronics
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a replacement board is probably going to be very hard to come by. If your comfortable tinkering and have the ability to solder wires i would pick up a scenario dreams universal T-board to stick in there on top of giving you the ability to use your marker again you will have access to all the modern shooting modes as well
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come over to the Tribal Owners Group website. We've done several swaps and got "how to's" there. Long story short tho is that the 2k6 chaos board is the easiest way to go. Hope that helps ya
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