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Back 20-25 years ago most co2 tanks came with 1800psi burst discs, since this was the max operating pressure.

But as a ref, this was a nightmare. On a hot day, a full tank can easily hit 2000psi and blow the disc. On some days I might fix 15-20 tanks. The owners get real pissy about spending $5 on a new disc blaming for overfilling but in truth, the owner left the tank in the sun.

I can't reiterate what a problem this was. I also worked in a sporting goods store where people brought back countless tanks as "defective". This industry responded 2 ways:

1- Everyone started underfilling tanks. Sometimes dramatically. 15oz for a 20oz was pretty normal.
2- Burst discs were replaced with 3000psi in tanks that had a burst rating higher then 3000psi. The working limit is still 1800psi, but this dramatically reduced returns.

The OP question is already answered but its only safe to put 1800psi in an 1800psi co2 tank. The higher burst limits are a safety margin because many many things lower the pressure rating of co2 tanks, like number of fills, exposure to extreme temps, etc. You never really know.

It used to be common in the early 90s to actually use co2 tanks for 1800 HPA. We called them LPA tanks.

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Thank you HP_Lovecraft! I think I'll be buying a Ninja hpa tank in the near future. More ideal for Blizzard Ball in the Maine winters.
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Originally Posted by HP_Lovecraft View Post
It used to be common in the early 90s to actually use co2 tanks for 1800 HPA. We called them LPA tanks.
I remember those. Some had the early long nosed nitro duck brass/green regs. Some of my teammates with mags were pumped. "We could get 450 good shots off these things!"
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They use to sell a reg for co2 tanks, I have one somewhere, the gauge only goes up to 1800, and its stamped right on the side "do not fill over 1800 psi".
Found the old co2 reg. made by nitro duck.
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