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Titus 01-21-2011 06:19 PM

VR is caught up
Carter, you're almost there. Last 3 days nothing but VR, images, msrp, info, spell checking, etc. DONE

Here is the current list of things that need to be done as of today:

ACI - Air Concept Industries DONE 1-18-11
Action Markers DONE 1-18-11
Action Unlimited DONE 1-18-11
Aerostar EC 2000 Can not find photo
AGA - Air Guns of America DONE 1-18-11
AGD - Air Gun Designs 1-18-11
AGS - Adventure Game Supply no photos, AGS Bore Drop,AGS Bore Drop II, AGS Comp, Landshark
Air Power DONE 1-18-11
Air Star DONE 1-18-11
Air Tech Removed Air Tech Legend, kept legend since it was listed twice DONE 1-18-11
Armson DONE 1-18-11
Arrow Precision LTD DONE 1-18-11
ATS - Advanced Tactical Systems DONE 1-18-11
Avenger DONE 1-18-11
Belsales Performance No Photo of infernoor Terminator found added milenium series
Brass Eagle Avenger, Marauder, Saber not listed in BB,
BT - Ben Tippmann DONE 1-19-11
Burgfeld International DONE 1-19-11
CAC No photo found on CAC Laser II 1-19-11
Cal Ordinance DONE 1-19-11
California PB Supply DONE 1-19-11
Carter Machine Autohog needs to be removed, wouldn't delete when I tried. Done 1-19-11
CCI - Component Concepts spoke with mike, updated prices, photos and dates. Done 1-19-11 awaiting photos from mike
CCM - Chipley Custom Machine ** when editing, series 6 shows up twice, no 6.5, plus a 6-5 is in there All other photos added and updated
China Paintball No photo found for m4, mp5, S5,S6,SR16
Added M1+ photo and info Done 1-19-11
CIP - Check It Products Done 1-19-11
CMI- No photo mini Hog, PI-1 Stockpig, Done 1-19-11
Combat Connection Done 1-19-11
Confederate Army Supply The Rebline MK III the same as semi auto listed? Done 1-19-11
Cooper-T - imp kit and sniper listed twice Done 1-19-11
Crosman Done 1-19-11
Dangerous Power Done 1-19-11
Darkside Inc Done 1-20-11
Daystate Elite no photo Done 1-20-11
Delta Archery - Bob Long Done 1-20-11
Diablo Terminator listed twice lowercase t has no info no photo found for terminator Done 1-20-11
Dukie DONE 1-20-11
Dye - Dave Youngblood Enterprises 1-20-11
Eclipse Cocker doesn't have mech class listed but electric twice Done 1-21-11
Elite Enterprises Done 1-21-11
Falcon Inc. Link completely broken due to the . after INC
FAST Done 1-21-11
Fox Hunters Done 1-21-11
Fun Guns Inc Done 1-21-11
G and H Customs Done 1-21-11
GFR Inc Done 1-21-11
GI Milsim Done 1-21-11
Goblin Done 1-21-11
Gotch-Ya Done 1-21-11
Gramps and Grizzly Done 1-21-11
Hawk Paintball Pursuit Done 1-21-11
Hornet Paint Guns Done 1-21-11
ICD Indian Creek Design Done 1-21-11
ICE - Insight Component Engineering Done 1-21-11
J and J Done 1-21-11
Kingman International Corp Done 1-21-11
Lapco No photo of vamp found Done 1-21-11
Licensed to Thrill UK no photo found of Splatoon Mark 1 Done 1-21-11
Line SI Done 1-21-11
Mad Customs Done 1-21-11
McMurray and Sons Done 1-21-11
Misc - Miscellaneous Manufacturers AC kit unknown no info to find photo Done 1-21-11
Mokal Done 1-21-11
Montneel Designs Done 1-21-11
National Gun Sports Done 1-21-11
National Paintball Suppy Done 1-21-11
Nelson Paint Co Done 1-21-11
NSG - National Survival Games Done 1-21-11
Nu-Line Industries 2 SOBs listed S.O.B. listing ignored, info added to other, regular bruizer left alone, as no

info could be found
NW Sales nothing on comp2,demon, magnum, Pink Puff, Done 1-21-11
Paintball Mania Supply no photo on python Done 1-21-11
Paintball Pro Shop Done 1-21-11
Paintgun Done 1-21-11
Painting Targets no outlaw III Done 1-21-11
Palmers Done 1-21-11
Para-Ordnance Done 1-21-11
PBMaxx Done 1-21-11
PBX Done 1-21-11
PEC - Product Engineering Corporation Inc. Link broken due to . at the end of INC
Perentie Paintball Done 1-21-11
Performance Paintball no photo found Howler Done 1-21-11
PMI - Sheridan Done 1-21-11
Pneumatic Design Done 1-21-11
Pneumatic Ordinance Done 1-21-11
Pro Team Products EMag-Micro 2000 nothing found Done 1-21-11
Proline Done 1-21-11
Prostar Labs Done 1-21-11
PS Enterprises Done 1-21-11
Puma Enterprises Inc Done 1-21-11
Pursuit Supply International Done 1-21-11
PVI - PneuVentures Inc Done 1-21-11
Racegun Done 1-21-11
Radar Marketing info on right missing for mark 1000, no photo found Done 1-21-11
Rebel Manufacturing Done 1-21-11
Remember The Ronin Done 1-21-11
Rudy Dean Blank no markers listed Done 1-21-11
Safety Paintball Done 1-21-11
Section 8 Paintball Done 1-21-11
Smart Parts Done 1-21-11
Southern Pneumatics Done 1-21-11
Sport Arms Technology Done 1-21-11
Stan Russell Done 1-21-11
Sterling Done 1-21-11
T and L Europe Done 1-21-11
Tagline, same as ATS? Done 1-21-11
TASO No photo Target Master, Done 1-21-11
The Duck Works Done 1-21-11
Tiberius Arms Done 1-21-11
Tippmann Done 1-21-11
Toxic Toys Done 1-21-11
Ultimate Sport Inc Done 1-21-11
Ultra Sport Arms Done 1-21-11
USA Performance Products Done 1-21-11
Valley Aerospace No photo found Done 1-21-11
VKC Done 1-21-11
War Marchine Done 1-21-11
War Paint International Done 1-21-11
Warped Sportz Done 1-21-11
WDP Done 1-21-11
WGP - Sniper I - 62 Caliber no photo found Done 1-21-11
Wintec Done 1-21-11
Woodland Distributors Done 1-21-11
WWP - World Wide Paintball DONE 1-21-11

If anyone finds any photos listed above, feel free to PM me with them and I'll update it. Enjoy

FeWolf 01-26-2011 08:48 AM

Nice work, and thanks from us ole crusty

Titus 02-09-2011 04:38 PM

You all are welcome!

Also NGS Savage photo added

russc 02-09-2011 04:54 PM

Nice work dude!

melkson 02-12-2011 09:18 PM

hey, the Raptor LTD 2000 isn't listed, and the Raptor extreme needs a separate listing as it was a significant change from the previous versions. Also the Wal-mart Exclusive (Blue) Raptor isn't listed.

There is also the ultra rare Cabellas <sp> Raptor, of which i've owned part of one, and seen one in the past.

Titus 05-04-2011 05:46 PM

Mel, if it hasn't been updated still, send me a PM/email with photos and I'll get on that.

Carter: Falcon Inc page is bad.

Altec 05-05-2011 08:55 PM

I've got a Raptor Extreme in the box if you need pictures of that.

melkson 05-05-2011 09:10 PM

yeah, that would help. my extreeme has no box.

The Inflicted 05-14-2011 12:04 PM

I've got an ad scan for the ACI Maverick here:

mpsd 05-19-2011 11:03 PM


Are going to put th brazilian paintball markers over there as well?

Info and pics here:


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