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Frank Gun

I came across this website while reminiscing and trying to find out if anyone remembered the old Frank Gun.

I have one and its in basically the same shape as when we used them. The picture that seems to be the only one available is so far removed from the original and it is basically unidentifiable as a Frank gun.
I will attach a few quick shots of my gun on this thread for you.

(sorry but the paperclip icon does not appear for me, if someone can tell me how I can post some pics, I will)

The story out there which seems to be copied on other sites is not entirely correct.

I played with some fellow employees in the L.A. County area. we started a team called the "Landsharks" we met Wolfpack (John Barber and Jessica Sparks) at a their home field in Malibu called "Quest" not "Conquest" (two different places).

We also met Frank Postle and one of his relatives there. Frank was a machinist and started playing with the Landsharks and became a team member. we allied ourselves with wolfpack and played together often.

One day Frank shows up with this long barrel, the first that I had seen. we both, Landsharks and Wolfpack ordered them from him. Later on Frank became a member of Wolfpack which was a larger and more competitive team.

As far as I know there were only 25 Frank Guns made. I have read 26-27. maybe? but 25 was the number I always heard they were limited to. I also know there was a added silencer that extended the barrel even further. (I never got one)

A word about Quest. it was in Malibu near Pepperdine University, next to the Sheriff's station. it was an old abandoned nursery that specialized in bird of paradise, banana trees and razor grass, it became over grown at one point the production crew of the old series "The A Team" came in and built an old Vietnam type village of about 20 buildings with open backs. at one point it became the paintball field Quest. a great place to play because the cool ocean breeze, no snakes, thick jungle like terrain and town wars in a real village.

I'd love to her your thoughts on this.

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To get the paperclip icon, click 'edit' then 'go advanced' and you'll see it.
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reply to a personal message:

Hey Dan,

It was so long ago over 20 years and my memories hazy about it.
I recall that another team started using the name Landshark and even showed up at Quest one day. of course there was the typical challenges for the name. But nothing ever became of it and they continued using the name. but we had it first.

We used the Frank gun and the ones that didn't or couldn't get one used their modified Nelspots and Sheridans. I think there may be some confusion with the other team as far as I can remember no one used the Paul Vasquez' Hornet pump marker

We were animators that worked for a studio called Filmation. We started out when you could only buy a stock Nelspot, Sheridan and Sheridan wood stock rifle. and you had to convert it yourself. There was a player "Briz" that carved down the wood rifle stock in to a pistol handle and carried his air tank on his back.

This was back when the sport was truly in it's infancy. there where no established safety goggles. constant air emerged after we started playing. you couldn't even buy air at a paintball store which basically sold the guns, army surplus goggles and individual CO2 cartridges. you had to go to a supply company that filled other industrial tanks.

As modifications came along like top loaders, stocks and constant air. we modified our guns. so you can imagine what an innovation the Frank gun was at that time. a gun that could shoot longer distance with accuracy was as revolutionary to paintball guns as the Winchester rifle was in the old west.

if you dont mind I am going to post my reply on the thread. it may be of some interest
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Not there Hurt Cow,

I see in FAQ there is a picture that has the paperclip between the face and the undo arrows, on my browser there isn't even space for the paper clip and I dont see it any where else
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Here are your pictures Sanchini.
Are the body and the barrel one piece? The body is steel and the feedblock and sight rail are aluminum?
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They are separate pieces. the barrel is steel. the loader, site mount and the piece just in front of the loader which clamps it down to the Nelspot pistol grip and pump are all aluminum.
at the back of the site mount is a alan screw that secures the back end. just in front of the aluminum clamp at the front is a piece of pvc to stop the pump being polled back to far putting to much strain on the bolt
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Very cool to hear and great information. Yes, the gun in in the photos on the vintagerex site you found is the one that I own.

it's been Carterized (Earon Carter) touched it up. I still have the original chunky delrin pump handle that came with it, as opposed to the one Earon put on and is in the photos.

Got most of the information that I know about that gun from jessica sparks.

Always great to find more people from back then! If you ever want to sell some of the old wares, look no further than here.

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It looks great, modification was such a big part of my era of playing it's nice to see a Frank Gun staying with the times

Jessica was a phenom player. she mostly played next to John Barber (a big tall man)

I remember them both coming at me once. I was hit in the temple (dont know by which one) and dropped like a boxer flat on my back knocked out for a few seconds. imagine my fear as I wiped at where I was hit and realized the ball didn't break. luckily they both took mercy on me.

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Right. The Frank gun was the first long barrel Nelson. Quest, Malibu, Wolfpack. Frank Postle was a great player! Called "Goofy Foot" locally because of the side the feed tube was on. Very rare. Either 26 or 27 made. John Barber has or had more than one. Earon Carter had one that belonged to Jessica - when he moved his shop it disappeared. Ouch.
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