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@nd life for an old VM EXC

HI guys,

I bought a box full of "junk" like 3 years ago.

In it was amongst other things, a VM 68 and a VM 68 EXC

I tried airing up the EXC but I was getting major air leak from where air tank screws in. I'm guessing it's missing some kind of oring there. But that's not why I'm posting.

This is my first experience with these markers and I don't really know how to dismantle them properly for a deep cleaning. I want to strip everything out and apart clean it squeeky clean then re polish, oil and then put it back together to give it a new life.

So far so good... it had it's original barrel which i broke trying to get off. (yeah it sucks, but I read those barrels suck too , so I guess it's not a big lost. Though I like my oldies to be original parts)

I got the expansion chamber off the marker, but I can't seem the dismantle it to clean it. I popped the cap out front, but it's not coming all the way out. I was also unable to take off the elbow where the air comes in to it. That think looks like it wont move from there ever unless I break it.

the second thing is the stainless part on which the exc attaches it's self, shouldn't I be able to get that off the marker?

Any tips and tricks to get this beast properly gutted out would be greatly appreciated. I can still see a pin at the end of the bottom portion of the body, no idea how I'll get that out of there!

So far this looks like it will be a fun marker to revitalise.
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boiling water to heat the body around that ASA, and then a pair of vice grips or big channel locks *WITH* some sort of soft guard so you don't dork up the metal

those ASA's have both an o-ring, and a bunch of some manner of loctite holding them in place
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Thanks Bored, I'll try to boil the thing tomorrow and see if I can get things to move!

I also need to get a longer key to get the grip off the frame. got to love discovering old markers :P
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Concerning you expansion chamber disassembly,try removing 90 degree fitting,it's likely stopping the baffle from going any further forward.
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