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Angel charger output voltage.

I just picked up a used Speed 03 that has some issues.
Biggest (or at least most expensive to fix) is a supposedly dead battery.
I figured I would check the charger first to make sure it wasn't maybe an issue on that side of things.
Lo & behold there was no continuity between the cigarette lighter plug & the board in the charger or between the charger & the the jack for the marker.
Upon futher inspection both connections suffered from bad solder joints (insert joke about British electronics & warm beer here ).
I resoldered both connections & just wanted to check & see if everything is okay w/the charger before plugging the marker in & seeing if it will hold a charge.
The output of the charger appears to be the same as the input (about 14 volts) is this normal or is something else messed up?
The charger itself isn't very helpful, the sticker on it says "Input 11-30V 750MA. Output 600mA" with no mention of output voltage.

Can someone with an Angel & a multimeter check the output voltage on the charger for me?


Can't wait to try this thing. I've been lusting after an Angel since I first saw one in a paintball mag three or four years ago when I first started playing. One of the most beautiful markers out there IMHO.
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Just realised this may be a stupid question...

It's a battery charger so it should put out a constant current (600mA as indicated on the charger body) so it has to adjust the voltage based on the resistance of the battery being charged (Ohms law).
At very high resistance (just the voltmeter) it's going to be putting out the most voltage it can (input voltage) so my test tells me nothing...
Is that right?

Electronics people?
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Should be 4.8v output to the charging jack, the speeds use a 4.8v battery, and the 6v charger from the older Angels will fry the battery in the speed. Found this one out the hard way. I wouldn't exceed 5v on the output side, but I am not an electronics person really.
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