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I think they gave people what they wanted with the A1. A lower price, barrel kit, 9 volts, locking feedneck, small/light, on/off asa with bleed, and cheaper parts so when you do need repairs it doesn't cost an arm and a leg (i.e. new solenoids are a lot cheaper than previous generations). That being said I think the quality did suffer a bit but thats to be expected given the price changes.
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thanks you.... your the first person here to back their thoughts up with fact and reason

listen to this guy.
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Originally Posted by snipeo101 View Post
thanks you.... your the first person here to back their thoughts up with fact and reason

listen to this guy.
You didn't read this at all did you?

A1 should have stayed on steak. Total crap. Loss of the legendary build quality of the previous Angels. Different barrels once again than the previous Angels, including the newly debut'ed G7 Fly threads, so even your "new" fly barrels can't be properly utilized w/o a spacer or beauty ring if you will. The tool kit (guages in particular) from the older Angels will not work, requiring the purchase of all new tools to set up the LPR, etc. Bad eye alignment on the first batch, valve on a second revision almost immediatly, the new low friction ram very service oriented and lending to a clanky feel. Just a rushed and botched attempt at a new smaller, lighter flagship. Only real innovation IMO was the OLED display, but even the mode selector is in a poorly thought out location and format, IMO.
I feel like I did a pretty good job backing up my opinion. Was it that the first line said they sucked and you quit reading?

Other than someone else's opinion what reason do you think they are so much better than previous models?
Was "new design shorter barrel" supposed to explain to all of the rest of us what made it so good?

You are going to give a reason like that and then say no one else with a different opinion is valid?

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I love my A1
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