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Angel questions

Angel's have been really catching my eye and I've been wanting an electro. I have a x-valved mag, and a stock tippmann x7c. How do the angels fair against other electros like the planet eclipse markers. Which angel is the best-but nothing over maybe 700$. I've heard that some angel models aren't that great so yeah!
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Okay, in my experience the best advice I can give you is to get your hands on the gun your fingers on the trigger and shoot them. Asking a questions like this will get you everyones "own" opinion, but that should not make up yours.

That being said I have had a couple of Angels throughout my career in paintball, and have found them to be extremely nice. As far as comparison to other electronic markers, I think that all highend elctros now days are pretty much the same in performance it is all personality based decision. Get what you like. Angels new can be overpriced, but that is no longer an issue since they are out of buisness, you will have to look at used. I liked, own, and shoot on a regular basis, an Angel G7 fly. I have had no issues with it, at all. But, that being said I also perform regular maintance on it. I take apart, clean, and rebuild the reg yearly, and clean the entire marker after every use. Two down sides are the battery, it is rechargable battery, which sounds nice, but if you happen to forget to charge it the night before, you can not just simply take it out and put in a new 9volt or any other size. Yes, this is the voice of experience talking, lucky for me I have an etek back up marker. The second fault or difficulty I have found with them is because they are an European based company it can be difficult to find tech support in the US, especially on the east coast, since the hub for paintball seems to be the west coast. Since I have both manufactures you wanted compaired, I felt I could give you and honest compairison, and I can say, I freely switch between the etek and the Angel and not notice any real performance differences as long as I have a proper loader to keep up with the fire power the gun(s) can produce. I just perfer to use the Angel, because no one else on my team has one and you don't see them much were I live/play so I get the rare/unique points, for whatever that is worth. I have found that everyone and their mothers owns or has owned an Eclipse marker. But, that is because they produce decent markers at a resonable price, and they are very good at marketing and supporting their products at the retail level. Some of the "angel models aren't that great", may be a personal preferance thing. I personally did not like the G1 series, I found that the trigger/frame assembly did not work well for the way I held the gun, and the way I play. I know you could modifiy this feature, and I have the knowledge to do that, but the kindof money I was spending, I wanted a gun I liked and did not want to put a lot of work into it, to make it useful for me. Ofcourse, everyone makes cosmetic changes and that is understandable, because everyone knows, you have to look good to play good!! Haha!

Getting back to my original point I think the best way to decide the best marker for you, is to get you hands on it and try it, and try others as well, so that you can form your own comparison and get what you want. If you have specific questions about a particular make or model please ask, and if I have had the experience with them I would gladly share it with you. Good luck in finding what you want!
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i know some guys that rock the sb or se(whatebever the newest one is) pretty hard and they have nothing but great reviews they also pull out an a4 everyonce in a while and lcds when they can.

im sure you are looking for a newer angel but i have been shooting a dark lcd with a pmr board and love it. i know several others who are doing the same and have said nothing negative at all.

guns i won't buy again ir3, a4, 03 speed. just didnt like them and always had problems with them. currently own 2 lcds and will probably buy more.
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Well personally the best performing will be the SB or SE (if you can get one), but they can, like all angels be temperamental. So for durability id go for an G7 if you can find one with a 9volt board, or an 06 speed, in my mind, and experience these are the best blend of performance and durability. The SB/SE will run you about 900ish new and 700 if you dont mind used, the G7/G7 fly will run about 2-400 depending on upgrades and private labels, the speeds you can get for right around 2.
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I've read several times that the G7/G7 fly is a favorite model.

I have a newer A1 fly that behaves well. They are often relatively cheap for a year-old marker. Many of the problems with them are bad o-rings (from the factory) and loose screws. If you don't mind going through a marker (you probably would with a G7 anyway) they are quite workable.

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