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15 bps hopper for sppl

can i have a suggestion for a hopper for the sppl,
don't know whats good in the 15 or less range


o and if anyone cares i do have a black angel a4 fly.
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its not what's good for the 15 bps or less range, but what will consistantly feed at that rate. now, i like to over feed the gun, that is, have the feeder load faster than the gun is able to shoot, that way there is never a chance of missing firing. with that, go with a Halo and forget about it, or just use whatever hopper you like and no worries. just because you are limited in shooting doesn't mean that you need a new hopper.
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I have had fantastic luck with the reloader (the non force feed version)
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I'm not sure. But doesn't sppl make sure guns are capped at 15 by only allowing Revvi type hoppers?
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EDIT: Never mind, I didn't notice 15BPS or LESS. Ah, well....I'll leave this here for folks looking for a good, cheap forcefeed.

I use a VL Eyeforce and have been extremely pleased with it. Other than the slightly goofy looks it's probably the best value on the loader market. It feeds fast enough to keep up with an Etek ramping to 15BPS with no breaks in the string and no hesitation off the break. I used the same batteries for 5 days of play before I noticed the slightest change in the sound of the motor(but no change in the speed as far as I could tell) and changed them because I thought I should but not because I needed to. I've never broken a ball, there is no popcorning when you get low on paint and the top/bottom design is awesome for cleaning and maintenance.

The only thing not great about this loader is the size of the opening for loading paint. It's the same size as the Revolution and you must pay attention when loading it or risk losing some paint where the current crop of high speed loaders has much wider mouths for fast loading while keeping your eyes on the game.

I got it for free with a gun and planned to use it as a backup to my Vlocity. I started using the Eyeforce over the winter and still haven't taken my Vlocity out of the box because I haven't felt the need for it.
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A lot of players on the teams that frequent Michigan recommend the Halo TSA Backman, which is legal depending on the gun.

21.0) Limited Paintball Markers: Generally speaking, any single paintball marker that is adjusted to fire more than fifteen (15) balls per second will be placed on the Prohibited Paintball Marker list.
21.1) All blow-back, electronically-assisted blow-back/blow-forward and mechanical markers will be allowed, unless they have been modified to fire more than 15 paintballs per second, or unless they are deemed prohibited by the SPPL. These classes of markers are permitted to use any hopper they see fit to feed paintballs into their marker.
21.2) Electro Pneumatic markers that use a pneumatic solenoid: (Angels, Matrix and all variants, Shocker, Ion, Nerve, Electronic AutoCockers, ICD Bushmasters, Freestyles etc…) shall not be able to use a force feed hopper or any other agitated hopper that has an advertised feed rate above 15 balls per second, with the exception of a Qloader.
22.0) Inspection of Paintball Markers: All markers, equipment, and launching devices will be made available for a general inspection by SPPL staff prior to game play, including but not limited to safety status, Chronographing, and possible rate-of-fire tests.
So for your gun you need a stock model which advertises 15 or less, or a Qloader. A Qloader is allowed I guess the same way 3357s are allowed at Stock Class Events, but I predict problems with the refs if you try to crank up too high with one.

Hope that helps others to help you more, not a hopper guy myself!

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The Halo TSA Front/Backman hoppers (The only difference is that the Backman holds more), Ricochet 2KX and Tippmann Triumph hoppers are the best out there for SPPL-legal hoppers.

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The TSA hoppers are discontinued, unfortunately; that's what I was told by KEE when I tried to get replacement shells.

I love my TSAs. I never shoot 15bps so I don't know if they can sustain that speed, but they've never jammed and feed fine even at really weird tilt angles. They run on drained old gun batteries, which saves some cash.
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well i've heard good things about the tippmann hoppers, but wanted to know how the halos are, dose the sound activation work? even if other people are using a loud gun right next to you?
i know this is a dumb question but My friend and I have 2 guns that sound like mg42s so just figured i'd ask.

Thanks for the advise.
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You can adjust the sensitivity of the microphone. It SHOULDN'T pick it up at 1 or 2.
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