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Hollywood sports?

I go back to see my family and friends and we usually go to SCV to play but this year the weekends are booked with family get togethers. My cousin said that Hollywood sports are open on the weekdays. My question is, is the worth it to play there, I don't really see anybody posting about this place.
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sure people post about that place, if you go make sure to keep an eye out to help this guy Donny Miser of the LA Hitmen had all his guns stolen.
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Meh in my opinion... Small fields, have to buy their paint, weekdays is only for private groups... It does attract a lot of cheaters and hot heads though...
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The only good day to go is Friday evening as it is a BYOP night. Other than that your best served to stay away and spend your money at one of the other parks.
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i think you will be fine. Fed Ex was always good to me until my wifes dog bit the driver. they usually don't avoid you unless they have a reason.
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Its not as bad as people think. I my self injoy hsp. Great players that will keep you on your toes! Try it out.
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I played at HSP during thurs, for the most part of last year. Its a good crowd. Easy going most of the time, particularly the monthly members.

I usually had fun except when I played night games and had to deal with the glares from the lights. If you have yellow/amber lens; I recommend them during such times.

I played pump and got the highest grade paint, which i can't complain about. Shot straight & broke consistently.
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Well, do you guys know what other fields are open on the weekday? we are going at the end of June.
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keep an eye on the field websites some of them do open up during summer depending

In all honesty the biggest issues I have heard about at HSP are

1) first and FOREMOST keep an eye on your gear and your car clear. That field has the HIGHEST incidents of theft I have seen at any field in SoCal. Thankfully I have never been hit by it fully yet - but just counting the last 3 times I played there
a) friend had his car broken into lost radio, change from ashtray, broken door lock - thankfully we did not leave a single marker in the car omg but he did leave a bag in the TRUNK before anyone starts yapping about opportunity and that bag was gone.
b) a person I know had his cell phone, backup marker, and 1 case of paint stolen in the time it took for him to walk 20 feet to get a drink and back
c) someone else I know got a backup marker jacked during the day (nobody knows when and someone was at the gear at all points during the day - ninja thief omg)

the other issue is less daunting - player attitude - there seems to be a higher percentage of enraged testosterone here than other places - nothing incredibly bad like the theft but annoying.

oh actually one other issue - SAFETY - be carefull of sliding and such here as there have been things sticking out of the ground (rebar style) that have torn up some of our guys while playing there. just be situationally aware hehe.

Overall tho - the fields themselves are fun to play on tho and on a good day you can have a great time. In years of playing there sporadically I have never PERSONALLY lost anything and only had a BAD time twice.

/shrug go figure
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