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2012 Bacci Mountain July 27-29

Updated July 11th 2012. If you are for sure attending please email (baccipaintball at gmail dot com) or pm me with which days you will be attending, any needs you may have, questions you don't want to post, and what you are bringing food wise. I will be emailing everyone directions once we get closer so I do need your email!

The game will be on the 27th, the 28th and the 29th of July (arrive Friday, play Saturday and Sunday then leave Sunday night) and my courses are located 30 minutes west of Santa Rosa.

Pictures of the two courses are located here:
Bacci's Courses - MCB Paintball Gallery

My pictures from last years game and pot luck can be seen here:
Bacci Mountain 2011

Alex has better pictures from last years game here:
Taco's pictures from Bacci Mountain 2011

The woodsball course is a eucalyptus grove with plastic pallet, garage door sheds and other misc items scattered throughout it. This field is flat long and narrow.
The speedball/ junk yard course is an old shooting range we bulldozed. It is around the top of a hill with one side partially sloped.
Bunkers consist of garage door buildings, wood and plastic pallets, old shot up cars, and other random junk. On their course it is absolutely nessecary to wear gloves and knee pads. It used to be a shoot range so there is broken glass.

This would be outlaw balls so anyone coming would need to be prepared for the most part although I will have some cases of balls, and two scubas. We would be chronographing at 280 (we have chronos) and mask on the courses as well as plugs/barrel bags would be strictly enforced.
Games will be hopper ball only (no packs except for stock class) and sunday we will play stock class.

There are a few dangers though, including but not limited to poisen oak (on the lower course which I will be spraying, rattle snakes (everywhere), bees (everywhere) and debris/glass/metal (upper course). High Top Boots (!), Knee pads and gloves for the top course are required. I would also advise not to wear shorts on this course. I really recommend boots with Ankle support. Lots of things to trip over and ankle support might just be the thing that lets you play the weekend, and speaking of things to make sure you can continue the weekend please for your own sake (guys) wear a cup! I do and we all wish Joel would have last year.
These are all reasons you have to sign the liability waiver and if you don't want to sign it don't plan on coming!

The courses are not too large and have obvious boundaries so games go quickly and players wouldn't have to worry about woodsballs games that stretch on for hours.

Here is the attending list, I will be adding dishes for breakfast and dinner onto here as I hear them. If you can't make it just let me know and I will take you off the list.

1. Bacci, pancakes for sat and sun
2. Taco +2 or 3 guests, fri night, sat, sun - short rips
3. Chris Iggy, fri night, sat, sun
4. Dack Maddy, brownies (special)
5. HurtCow, sat night, sunday, hopefully crack dip
6. Tedaut - Sat-Sun -tri tips
7. Sniperfan+1
8. Gillymonster
9. Big Phil +2, sat - bunch of sausage
10. BoBo, fri night, sat, sun, coffee, pre-made pancake batter for Sunday w/fruit to go inside, rides from east bay?
11. stickyskunk,and daughter fri, sat, sun 2 packs of frozen hamburger patties and buns
12. wolftune, sat,sun - good sausages and buns, hummus and carrots,fruit
13. letlow + boyfriend and two sons, sat-sun, salad for Saturday night dinner, brownies (not special)
14. Darryl
15. Firpo +2, 7? Scuba tanks
16. the_chemist +1 (billy),
17. arjames - Saturday, bringing Potato Salad
18. Demonio, +1 Saturday and Sunday,
20. Huy, with Manny, Saturday and Sunday
19. Relief, Sun
20. Got Paint (Luke) with Curt on Sat night, Sunday
21. ta2maki, +2 maybe, Saturday and Sunday, 2 scuba tanks, marinated beefs and tortillas
22. toofless916, sat and sun

1. coyote?
2. left handed?
3. wolfen4054?
4. joelrf600r?
5. Dundadun?
6. tsk?
7. imon1maybe6?

If you need paint, Tim will have some.
You can also pick some up at the local paintball store in Rohnert Park (Game on Paintball).

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I think my son wants to come if that's cool Dan if I can make it

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I will be there!!!

I will be doing a Lelands order!!

The price should be $9 per 25
They come in cases of 450, I will order as many cases as needed

The swap will happen at the field

The List:

Dack Maddy 150
Bacci 100
Whee McGee 125
pakalolo 75
(1 case sold)

taco 50
the chemist 50
left handed 50
wolftune 50
Gilly 100
stickyskunk 50
letlow 100

JF Paintball & Airsoft
Grass Valley, CA
(530) 273-3582
Everything to Get You in the GAME!

Originally Posted by alpha434 View Post
We don't lower the bar so that everyone can get an A. That's a foolish notion.

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Hells yeah!

One request- can we make the Sunday stock class game horizontal feed only? Last year there was one guy with a long-*** vertical stick feed who was autotriggering the crap out of it. Was a bit annoying.

Count me in.
Everybody loves me!

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I want in, and I want in on the 12g run!

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it's not brain science !
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Count me in .
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Originally Posted by taco View Post
I think my son wants to come if that's cool Dan if I can make it
How old is your son? Mine turns twelve the week before this, and I owe him a paintball trip. If there will be other younger players I may want to bring him.
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He just turned 7 not sure how much play he will get in, he really wanted to go to poso but I didn't bring him. I can keep track of him in Dan's back yard unlike Choochie

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I can see if I can go. How you been alex?
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Ebay, camocow200
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looks like me Sean are going to try and make it..

WTF,why would i trade for that?

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