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The Elk Meadow Conflict XIII (June 8th & 9th, 2012) Idaho City, Idaho

Bi-Annual Scenario Paintball Event
Cost: Free
BYO Paint, Marker, Air and Food & Water
We will have an onsite chronograph(s) for safety

June 9th, 2010, 10:00am (Game Day)
Idaho City, Idaho

For additional info, driving directions, comments or questions, please contact:
Sean ~

Event Introduction/Safety Briefing/Games Overview/Team Selection
Theme: Enecate Cadavera Animantia!! (Destroy the Living Dead!!)

War has raged on over years in Elk Meadow, with neither side successfully eradicating the other to gain a foothold, however, conventional warfare has given way to usage of biological agents being released upon the valley by an unknown third faction. These toxins have inadvertent side effects, causing those who are exposed to its airborne presence to become re-animated after exposure. After becoming aware of the re-animated corpses of their fallen comrades, as well the opposition, a group of survivors from both factions joins forces and must reach an extraction party from well behind enemy lines.
Zombie Rules Alterations: “Zombies” can only be killed with a headshot. A headshot is considered any shot from the collar bone upwards for this effect to take place. If a zombie shoots a survivor, the survivor must announce “out” and walk out of sight from other survivors and sit upon the ground for thirty seconds. During this time period, the new “zombie” will tie a designated colored band to their arm to designate their role as a newly formed zombie.
“Original” zombies will have a severely reduced ammo capacity and are not allowed to run. Newly formed zombies will have whatever ammo they were carrying on initial insertion. If a zombie is headshot, they will walk to their respawn flag, wipe off their paint and walk back to the excursion.
There will be NO teams drawn for this event as the idea behind the event is survivors are comprised of both factions historically represented by Elk Meadow. Draws will only be for survivors and undead, respectively.
First Half

Team Deathmatch (Initial skirmish/warm up)
Two 15 minute rounds.

Extraction Zone Progression
The survivors must reach the CDC extraction vehicle. CDC extraction will not be initiated for no less than three (3) survivors. Game will end when either two survivors remain, a surviving team of three or more members reach the extraction vehicle or time expires. The survivors will begin at the base of Mount Doom and follow a two checkpoint route towards CDC extraction site. Round is 30 minutes. This event will be two rounds, with randomly drawn undead participants.


Second Half

Extraction Zone Standoff
The survivors must withhold an undead siege on their vehicle until the CDC extraction team arrives. If they are unable to survive the time allotted, the CDC has made it clear that the area will be thermally eradicated from above in order to neutralize the undead threat. If any of the undead are capable of pulling both extraction vehicle flags, the round is considered over. Round is 30 minutes. This event will be two rounds, with randomly drawn survivor participants.
Team Deathmatch (Final skirmish)
Two 15 minute rounds.

Main Game Rules and Responsibilities:

1. Teams will be random chip draw, unless otherwise specified for event scenario.

2. While you are allowed to swap chips to the opposing side, we do not encourage this as team stacking will likely affect morale if done in excess. If you would like to play with a couple of buddies or with a family member, please ask prior to drawing your chip where immediate opinions can be gathered and arrangements can be made.

3. We encourage the implementation of team tactics. Radios, etc are more than welcomed.

4. We utilize what we call “Military Hit” for counting a paintball hit. From your elbows up and your knees up, ANY hit that breaks on your person is counted as an out for you. Gun hits are not counted. Ball bounces are also not counted.

5. If you are shot, but cannot tell, you may be called for a paint check by your enemy. This is a few moments of “truce” between the two of you while you and your enemy check your person for a valid paint hit. It is customary, if no valid hit is present, to allow the both of you to return to a safe spot before resuming firing.

6. Please use the honor system. If you are caught deliberately wiping a non-contested hit (say a shot to the face) in order to circumvent going to a re-spawn point, you may not be asked back next time.

7. There are no limits/restrictions on “paintball weaponary” brought to Elk Meadow events. If you play with a pump, as a sniper, as field reporter, mortar team, etc…we will attempt to accommodate you. As such, we fully allow Semi, Ramping, and Full Auto settings on your markers, as well. This includes Mobile Mortars, Grenades, Tanks, Rocket Launchers, etc. We only ask that discretion be used to prevent soured feelings or injury, in a worst case scenario. It’s your gear, it’s your responsibility.
8. There will be a 15 minute break in between rounds and a cease fire will be called. This is a HARD 15 minute break. ALL players are required to leave the field back to camp. Players are to “re-spawn” back into game via HQ when break is over.


Ironman is the time honored final hurrah of the Elk Meadow event. This is a no hits count, no holds barred offense vs defense game to end the day of any possible frustrations or ill feelings. And if you've had a victorious day, what better way to end it then this. A well protected defensive position will be pre-determined and a flag will be placed in the center. A purely volunteer team will step forward to protect it. Do not shy away if offense outnumbers the defenders...there is more glory in winning the event being outnumbered then not. The objective for the offensive team is to simply knock over the flag in the time allotted.

Each player will be allowed:
1 standard full hopper.
1 pod (no more then 140rd) as backup.

The game will have a 25 minute time limit.

Game Hosts will make a call, based on the team allocation, player count and morale if Riot Shields will be brought in to help with the offensive team during the last 10 minutes of the game.

For your protection:
Again, no hits count. The only mercy you will be afforded is if you exit to the sidelines. This is the same for both offensive and defensive players. Sidelines will be strictly enforced. If you are found playing outside of the boundaries, you will be asked to leave the game.

A. Masks are to be worn at ALL times on field until cease fire is called.

B. Markers WILL be chrono’d between 280-300 prior to game start. It is encouraged to rechrono after tank changes and later in the afternoon.

C. Markers WILL be rechrono’d if a complaint of a gun firing hot is brought to the attention of any of the hosts. We don’t want anyone hurt out there.

D. Any life threatening injuries on the field will result in immediate event shut down. It’s just paintball. Get that person some medical attention, STAT.

E. Any minor physical injuries will likely involve a temporary cease fire to help the injured and crew off the field.

F. Surrender rules are in effect – If you surprise someone at less then 10ft, please offer them a moment to “surrender”. Yell Surrender and count to 3. If they refuse, attempt to fire on you, or attempt to run…engage.

G. If you are hit, it is YOUR responsibility to make it known. You are strongly encouraged to yell out “I’m hit”, wave your hand as you lower your weapon. Walking out of the field with your hand on your head or in the air also limits possible surprise shots in your direction.

H. Do NOT start fights…verbal or physical. NOTHING happens out here remotely strong enough to warrant such hostility on a fellow player. If you are approached by a game host for such actions, you will be politely asked to leave the field. Additional hostilities, we’ll ask you to leave the event altogether. Failure to do so will result in your not being invited back again. Your actions will be used as future examples of what not to do.

Words of Wisdom from previous Elk Meadow events:

1. Personal responsibility. LEARN IT! You are responsible for the safety of your weapon, your gear, and yourself.
2. If you encounter a problem, TELL US! We do not appreciate drama queens that rather storm off in a hail of dust then to tell us they happened to get bonus balled in the last round. People talk, reputations are made. We like happy players to keep coming back, so let us know what happened and be willing to work with us for a resolution.
3. You get what you paid for. Entry fee to Elk Meadow has been and always will be ZERO.
4. You don't want your vehicle shot, don't park it on the field.
5. If you cannot take several rounds at ten feet, DO NOT RUSH THE BUNKER IN IRONMAN!! However, pictures of your stupidity are always welcomed afterwards.
6. If you are unable to lock your attitude away back at camp, we'd strongly encourage you to rethink your attendance with us.
7. What happens on the field, STAYS on the field. If you got balled walking back to a respawn point, it was an accident. Let it go.
8. Ironman is strictly volunteer! However, peer pressure usually ends up getting us a full roster anyway. It will be something you remember. Give it a try.
9. Round breaks and lunch break is there for a reason. Some of us are there from sun up to sun down. Be prepared for some down time and enjoy.
10. The event is what you make of it. Have fun. We're all trying to do the same. And respectful of the hosts.

Sean - Main Event Focal.
Overall event feedback, discussion, complaints, etc.

Kenny - Safety Coordinator
Safety concerns, feedback, complaints, etc.

Kory – Game Coordinator
Game suggestions, feedback, complaints, etc.

We all would like to remind you that this is public land and a recreational area for our fellow Idahoans. If you pack it in, please pack it out.
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