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FEW 2012= Fall Event West

There's been some interest in doing a Fall Event West again this year at Poso.

Ok I got with the owner.
We are throwing this years's event on
Nov 10 and 11th 2012
Friday arrivals are fine.
The usual Potluck for Saturday night and breakfast Sunday morning.
Prepay price is $30 Paypal to
or $40 day of event.
Price includes Field fee both days, air, and camping for the whole weekend.

Prepaids attendees

Gillymonster + 3 - Eggs, Menudo, homemade dessert, case of Coconut Water, 100lb of wood
Tedaut - Tritip
Rythm69 + 1
Big Cheese
Sean Chip - Paper plates, plastic ware, condiments
Wooulf - Salad, salad dressing, Bacon, sausage, coffee
Blue Dragon X
Whee McGee - Sweet Tea
Relliot - Ribs, Salmon, Cheese
TowerofCards - Marinated Pork, wood
Bigbthebenji +2 - Chips, water
Lucky Duck +1


The Chemist - Tritip

Pics from today 9/9/12

Attachment 35038

Attachment 35040

Attachment 35041

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hmm, either time sounds good. i think the veteran's day weekend might be close enough to thanksgiving for this kind of get together meetups to feel in-season.
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Brass and Wood Fan
later in the fall will work better for me
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Originally Posted by matteekay
I agree with Don.
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don is on the path to everlasting coolness
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OMG boobs, beers and Chad Thompson. Nothing could be better.
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I'll be working an event in Portland sometime in October so I hope it works out.
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smells good!
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definitely want to make this again!

will have to check the calendar at work to see which dates work better

edit: i would actually have to vote against veteran's day weekend (prior obligation)
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what stimpy said
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Stimps is the man! Not only does he smell his own farts, but he enjoys it at the same time.


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On the slim chance I could get down there, it would be Nov or later
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Nov sounds good.. 10th 11th....

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November sounds good.
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November works better for me too. I really want to make a whole weekend this time, not just getting in one awesome day of play.
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i think the phantom needle is in my arm for good now..
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Missed the Second one, won't be missing the third.

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