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I didn't take any game pics, but here's a few blurry camp area photos.

Not sure what Bacci's barfing up here, and I think Luke 'Sincera' is wondering the same thing.

Casey 'Kill n Spree' heard that there was a bit of a hike to one of the fields, so he brought his Trail 70. He looked like a monkey ****ing a football.


This is how my weekend went.
Everybody loves me!

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Anyone know what happened to the phantom i left behind ? Ive PMed Gilly but got no responce........

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Had a great time guys; thanks again Gilly.
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No worries Wouulfy
I'll hold it for you til I see you

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I know I know, late as heck, but I just found my sd card, so here are a couple vids I took at SPEW.

The group shot

Caught a bunny and had some great games on the town field! (skip 3:10 to 4:30, spilled my paint and picked it all up haha)

Town field

Sneaky Sneaky

Deep woods

Lefty game on the town. You need to watch the final rundown

My brother showing restraint on the town field

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