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Bacci Mountain Pump 2013 - July 26th - July 28th, Camping/Potluck/Paintball - Nor Cal

Updated July 22ndth 2013. If you are for sure attending please email (baccipaintball at gmail dot com) or pm me with which days you will be attending, any needs you may have, questions you don't want to post. I will be emailing everyone directions once we get closer so I do need your email! Enter your food item in Bobo's spreadsheet below!

The game will be on the 26th, the 27th and the 28th of July (arrive Friday, play Saturday and Sunday then leave Sunday night) and my courses are located 30 minutes west of Santa Rosa.

Potluck spreadsheet that Mike/Bobo put together:

1) Look at this google document and figure out what is missing from the list and what you should bring.

2) Enter what you are going to bring here:

3) Review your entry and make sure it's accurate (no one can edit your entry except Mike and I).

Preview of courses from a game in december (yes junky footage but you get the feel for the courses):

Pictures of the two courses are located here:
Bacci's Courses - MCB Paintball Gallery

My pictures from 2011's game and pot luck can be seen here, I need to see if I can find my pictures from last year:
Bacci Mountain 2011

Alex has better pictures from 2011's game here:
Taco's pictures from Bacci Mountain 2011

The woodsball course is a eucalyptus grove with plastic pallet, garage door sheds and other misc items scattered throughout it. This field is flat long and narrow.
The speedball/ junk yard course is an old shooting range we bulldozed. It is around the top of a hill with one side partially sloped.
Bunkers consist of garage door buildings, wood and plastic pallets, old shot up cars, and other random junk. On their course it is absolutely nessecary to wear gloves and knee pads. It used to be a shoot range so there is broken glass.

This would be outlaw balls so anyone coming would need to be prepared. We would be chronographing at 280 and have clear mask and plug boundries on the courses and plugs/barrel bags would be strictly enforced. As in I'll be yelling and embarassing you.
Games will be hopper ball only (no packs except for stock class packs either day) and sunday we will play stock class.

There are a few dangers though, including but not limited to poisen oak (on the lower course which I will be spraying, rattle snakes (everywhere), bees (everywhere) and debris/glass/metal (upper course). High Top Boots (!), Knee pads and gloves for the top course are required. I would also advise not to wear shorts on this course. I really recommend boots with Ankle support. Lots of things to trip over and ankle support might just be the thing that lets you play the weekend, and speaking of things to make sure you can continue the weekend please for your own sake (guys) wear a cup!
These are all reasons you have to sign the liability waiver and if you don't want to sign it don't plan on coming!

The courses are not too large and have obvious boundaries so games go quickly and players wouldn't have to worry about woodsballs games that stretch on for hours.

This event is obviously Bring your Own Balls but luckily Tim at will have Balls for those of us who lack them.
Tim at will have paint available if you email and reserve it.
He will likely have a few extra cases as well but you will have no choice over the selection.
He will have:
Ultra Evil
Dye CG
Valken Redemption
Valken Redemption Pro
White Marbs
GI 4 star
Karnage Rip
If you want paint please Tim for paint reservations and pricing, Tim at

Attendee list (post and I'll add you to either list or take you off.):

If you are on the confirm list then add your potluck dish to the google doc above.
If you are on the maybe list then add your potluck dish to the google doc above and I'll move you to the confirmed list.
If you are on either list and can't make it pm me or email me and I'll remove you from the list.

1. Bacci
2. Mike (Bobo)
3. Luke (Sincera)
4. Tim (the_chemist)
5. Sniperfan
6. Letlow (+3)
7.PAintball Tek Dot Com
8. Mitch
9. Tsk
10. CraigP
11. Jason (Sniper42)
12. Andrew (Echo)
13. Dr cemento
14. Manny (Demonio)
15. Gary (+1)
16. Gilly
17. Arlyn
18. Chris (relief) for Sunday
19. Vince (sat and sun)
20. Nuke
21. Puffy
22. Relliot

3. Washington Reign?
5. Huy (towerofcards.19)
6. Snipe78
10. Dack_maddy
11. Big Phil
14. Luckyduck
16. ta2maki1
The Icon (possibly Sunday?)

You can also pick some up at the local paintball store in Rohnert Park (Game on Paintball).

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Yes! I'll plan on being there.
Everybody loves me!

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hmmmmm *scratches chin while pensively staring at the ceiling*
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Originally Posted by matteekay
I agree with Don.
Originally Posted by stimpy
don is on the path to everlasting coolness
Originally Posted by DashHopes
OMG boobs, beers and Chad Thompson. Nothing could be better.
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Echo and I will try and make it this year.
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Might have to pick up a sc marker for this!
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Will most definately be there
Formerly Got_Paint.
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Heck yeah definitely gotta make this one!!

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Sweet - I have an additional phantom and 2 coffee pots this year.
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I give Bacci Mountain campouts the credit for inspiring SPEW.
I'm marking my calendar to make this again.

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Sweet...Iggy will be there...gonna carpool with Taco....
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