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Action Paintballs Monthly Big Games -Aug 9 & 31

Sorry for the late notice, Action Paintball's Monthly games are coming up on Saturday Aug 9th and Sunday Aug 31st. As always, compressed air and CO2 fills are 1/2 off. Come on out and have some fun on our 880 acres of woods!

For more info, check out our Facebook pages @
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Hello Matt,

Just wondering what's the average number of people for these big games? I'm interested coming out for the 8/31. It's a bit of a drive for me (about 2 hours) coming from San Jose.
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These are not normally really big games, more of just a day for guys like you that are traveling a long ways or for guys that only get to come out once in a while and have a better turn out. The temps the last couple times have been up there and we've only had around 20. It's about the time of year that it starts cooling down and then the crowds usually pick up. The Saturday games are usually bigger than the Sunday ones. It's a great field for woodsball (best one for quite a ways in my opinion) but we are a ways off the beaten path and there's a lot of walking to get to the bases so it's not your average speedball park with running water and quick on/off field between games so we don't get huge crowds very often, especially in the heat. I do know that I'll be up in Oroville for the Lunatics scenario that weekend so if you are looking for a good, big game that weekend, you might want to check that out also.

Hope that helps answer your question, if you have any others, ask away. Hope you make it up here to check out Action!
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This is the BEST woods field on the West Coast. Unfortunately its reputation is still tainted by a very unfriendly previous owner who was booted 8 or 9 years ago. "APG? Those guys are a**holes!". Not the case anymore but such a reputation takes awhile to dissapate, which is really a shame. This could be the West Coast EMR.
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Agreed. Hands down best Woodsball in the West. When it starts cooling off the crowds will pick up no doubt. Great place in my opinion, awesome current owners as well.
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The Sunday game is coming up next week!
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