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West Coast Member List/Location

This is for those who want to meet up and play with other mcb players. Just post it with this format (I'll be constantly updating):

CAN YOU PLEASE use this format: "username - city, state" when post. PLEASE

Listessa - Fairbanks, AK
JTurtle - Fairbanks, AK
Pacer - Fairbanks, AK (he just rarely posts, but will join us to play too)
AKHH - North Pole, AK (he is currently deployed)

Jkoselka - Mesa, Arizona

2old2pb - San Diego, CA
711 - Calabasas, CA
aheg1220- Granada Hills, CA
ajnin - Grass Valley, CA
Aprox - Sacramento, CA
blair_heavenwood - San Diego, CA
Bld2619 - San Jose, CA
bigchuck707- Eureka, CA
BiggsFX - Ceres, CA
Big Phil - Union City, CA
bird33 - Stockton,CA
BoBo - Nr. Richmond, CA
Brewtt - Grass Valley, CA
Califlipinfornia - Fullerton, CA
CAT/J - West LA, CA
Casper – Waterford, CA.
Cocker Master – San Jose, CA.
Coggles - Eureka, CA
Corykusmc06, San diego CA
CrunchyMilk - Newport Beach, Ca
dack maddy - Grass Valley, CA
DanDaMan - San Leandro, California
Demonio - San Diego, CA
dextrous - San Diego, CA
DEUCEct – Turlock, CA.
dimsum - Walnut, CA
dudegriffin – Newport Beach, CA.
dundadun- sherman oaks, ca and ontario, ca
dyetimmyfreak - Palmdale, CA
Eli - North Hollywood, CA
fastev - San Jose, CA
Festa – Long Beach, CA.
Figone12 - San Jose, CA
FirePro84 – Sacramento, CA.
Fliptazman – Monrovia, CA.
Flyingmachine: Cerritos, CA
Geeman - Folsom, CA
General ZOD, Hollyweird, CA
Gillymonster - Santa Clarita, CA
GMAN - Chino, CA
Gmonster Soquel, CA
goggedyou - Canoga Park, CA
Hammy of Socal - San Diego CA
Hawthorne - San Diego, CA
hellbatman - Fullerton, CA
hellion360 - San Francisco, CA.
himurax13 - North Hills, CA
HurtCow - Rocklin, CA
HyePower - San Francisco, CA
indyjrt - Tustin, CA
iToonz - Los Angeles , CA
james1979 - Huntington Beach, Ca
Jhyan - Fresno, CA
Joelrf600r: Pleasant Hill, CA
Kire818- Mission Hills, Ca.
Krazymunky - San Diego, CA
kuznyca - San Jose,ca
lechooch-HermosaBeach, CA
letlow - Santa Rosa, CA
LOJ - Whittier, CA
LSDowser - Long Beach, CA
Madmox - Humblodt, CA
mentalglitch - Patterson, CA
MightyMike0 - Visalia, CA
MisterTruck - Martinez, CA
mike31c - Fremont, CA
munozla, Anaheim, CA
nerdcore - woodland, ca
Old Dog - San Jose, CA
panamanianpumper - Alhambra, CA
Phantom89 - Van Nuys, CA
Phobos117 - Chino Hills, CA
Playboy455 - San Jose, CA
PsychoZ - El Dorado Hills, CA
pumpbusters- santa clara fairgrounds, Ca
RabidFuzzle - Fremont, CA
RatFink - Yucaipa, CA
Redcon5 - Turlock,CA
relief - Oakland, CA
Ripper - Capitola, Ca
Rythm68 - Santa Clarita ( Castaic ), CA
Sarvan - Turlock, CA
Self Medicated - Santa Rosa, CA
Severoux - Crescent City, CA
Sideshow - Vallejo, CA
sirsaechao - Oroville, CA
Slinger - Laguna Niguel/Brea , CA
Slingshotted - Oxnard, CA
SLOWMO2.0 - Santa Cruz, CA
Snake – Sylmar, CA
sniper42 – Huntington Beach, CA
Solidus-Riverside, CA
Soren - Grass Valley, CA
spawnsharks - San Francisco, CA
SpyyMarket1978 - San Jose, CA
Stimpy - San Diego, CA
SkWaTcHiE - San Jose, CA
SuperDeluxe - Davis, CA
tacolex - Long Beach, CA
tedaut - Sacramento, CA
thatfreaknguy - Camp Pendleton, CA
the_chemist - San Francisco, CA
TheDude - Fullerton, CA
thekreulens-Suisun - City, CA (Travis AFB)
timetraveler, dana point, CA
toofless916 - Sacramento, CA
Uranus - Burbank, Ca
USMC-Scout/Sniper - Camp Pendleton, CA
victor13 - San Diego, CA.
Wanna-b-ballin – Chino & Half Moon Bay, CA.
Wharft Rat – Clarkburg, CA.
Whee McGee - Whittier CA
wolftune - Davis, CA
Woouulf – Victorville, CA
Worrptangl - San Diego, CA.
Xero28 - San Luis Obispo, CA
xkpxfatassxx - Los Angeles, CA (original poster)
Zenmic - Pasadena, CA

russc - Vancouver, BC Canada
Swiftbear - Vancouver, BC Canada
BattleHawk - Vancouver BC Canada

Hitman Cody- Lewiston, ID
iamthelazerviking - Nampa, ID
LilShank – Star, ID
MJLynnJr – Caldwell, ID
Mr.Blue – Eagle, ID
noxx55 – Meridian, ID
souz4402 - Moscow, ID

Pronghorn Runner - Butte, MT

[MOOSE], Elko Area, Nevada

HItransplant - Portland, OR
hybridor - Hillsboro, OR
kalamath Falls, OR
killmaster - Portland OR (September-April)/Colville WA (May-August)
LT. - Salem, OR
oballer – Eugene, OR
Orpackrat, Salem OR
rob373 – Gresham, OR
scphantom9195 - Hillsboro, OR
Tick - Portland, OR
VM-onster - Medford, OR

Aerophyte - Kent, WA
Avenger or Tanner-Bremerton,WA
Bib - Woodinville, WA
Dexter – Tacoma, WA
gunangel-Bellevue, WA
hawaiidreamsea - Spokane, WA
Iyguy - Bremerton, WA
Jesterbuilt - Everett, WA
killmaster - Colville WA (May-August)/Portland OR (September-April)
Lt. head-shot - Vancouver, WA
Mouse - Seattle, WA
patentpending - Olympia, WA
sammamishstroke - Carnation, WA
Scotttetot – Bremerton, WA
Sixyear - Spokane, WA
Spacecowboy – Kent, WA.
super_stanchy - Camas, WA
Terrorfakt – Seattle, WA.
ThirdI – Spokane, WA
Topknot – Everett, WA.
XeNoX - Lynnwood, WA 98087

B-Dazl - Salt Lake City, UT
Cornstar - Clearfield, UT
Cue'D - Provo, UT
big oak – Layton, UT
Legion - Woods Cross, UT
Sugarstump - American Fork, UT

last updated 06/28/11 credits to "pwpapintball" for updating

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Brass and Wood Fan
taco - long beach, ca

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Jesterbuilt - Everett WA
Boy, the next words out of your mouth better be some brilliant Mark Twain S**t. Cuz it's definately gettin chisled on your tombstone.

Had it been a blind body and not blue I would of jumped on it like an eithiopian on a steak dinner.

My Ex-Wife is ungrateful She Never Used the Wedding present I bought her......A COFFIN
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himurax13- North Hills, CA

Don't you think putting down the username is a bit redundant?
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You have serious problems Himura. I remember when I first started buying guns I would oogle your collection.
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I'm sad to say I've rejected some pretty choice poon before. Sometimes little Mayvik (brain) gets the better of big Mayvik (peen). I blame it on the a..aha ha ah...ah ah alcohol.
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711- Calabasas California
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russc - vancouver, BC
Originally Posted by agentSmith View Post
oldschool play is about sportsmanship and respect, oldschool gear is available on Ebay.
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SoCal's tango instructor.
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West LA, Ca
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