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I think I will be healed enough to come play! Amazing!
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this ought to be a good one. it seems as if we're going to have extra folks...
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Good cause there were only 5 of us last time.
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Pump Day

Hey guys,

I plan to make a come back to play this one! See you guys sunday.

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Wish I could go, but I'm still banned from paintball.
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Ooo snap, I'ma try try try.......
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Looks like will be bringing at least 4!

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Looks like I have the day off.


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Taylor, Seamus, Eric and myself will be there. And I think Taylor is bringing a friend who might actually be in to it. I will need paint to buy, so if there is anyone with like a half case or something....

Also, just got a food dehydrator and am most likely bringing homemade jerky. MmMmM. Disclaimer: It will be my first attempt ever at this, so if it sucks, too bad. Just don't eat it.
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But what it all comes down to is if your having fun. If your not having fun playing against people using full auto with a pump, then switch to a semi; fun is the only thing that really matters in paintball.
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sounds fun

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