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Gas through grips and autocockers

Hey guys im relitively new to autocockers and need some help, I'm currently building a cutosm cocker froma 2000 wgp right hand feed body. I have a few friends whom have had experience with autocockers and have been helping me. But i need some help, I'm using an ANS valve and low pressure spring kit. I was just wondering if it would be possiable to run a gas through grip foregrip on it. I have no experience with autocockers and thought i would ask for advice before buying anything. I am on a limitied budget and a cp gas though foregrip is only 25$ while theyer regulators are 60$. Help would be greatly appreacited!
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You'll probably want to pick up a regulator. The low pressure springs and ANS valve aren't going to work very well (or work at all) without a regulator to bring the pressure down.
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Or use a dual regulated tank. Centerflag used to make one, but I'm not sure they are around still. That was how I ran my STO.
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What they said. The reason you have a low pressure spring kit is so you can run the gun on a lower pressure. Most cockers run well on around 350-400 psi. With the LP springs you might be able to get that down to under 300. But most tanks output 700-900 psi. So if you just use the gas-thru, you'll have the full pressure from the tank going to the gun and the LP springs would be worthless. It would be best to pick up a High Pressure Regulator (like a CP or something) to bring that operating pressure down to something more manageable. Just look around the BST section here, you're bound to find a good regulator for much less than $60. I've seen CP regs for around $30-40, other good ones like Bob Long Torpedos for as low as $15. Good luck.
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