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Originally Posted by dimsum View Post
i used my compressed air tank, output about 800 psi. when i fire it, it seems like the valve barely opens. maybe there is too much pressure behind the valve? do i need to re-spring it?
Are you sure your HPA is high pressure? There are generally two flavors of preset HPA, low pressure and high pressure. If you are certain it is HP, then a little cleaning and oiling may help.
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yes the tank is a HP tank. thanks for the info, i know what i will be doing this weekend.
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Nice. It still has the Satcong village sticker on it. My suggestiion is if you plan on any re-sale or to escape any sort of blugeoning from this crowd you preserve it as best you can.

You may want to just run c02 on it...after a good cleaning that is. She may also benefit from some new springs. Not the Nelson/cocker type but those old sniper/cockers took sheridan springs.


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thanks for the info on the springs.
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Yeah, more than likely the hammer spring is shot by now. PPS sells stock Sheridan hammer springs, which should work in there. Also, as someone else mentioned, put a bunch of oil in the ASA, air it up and dry fire it a dozen or so times to get the oil all through the valve. Probably would be a good idea to pull the hammer as well and clean everything out. There might just be a bunch of dust, grime, or other gunk in there preventing the hammer from moving smoothly/quickly enough. I had a Piranha (LB, not the Spyder-clone semi) years ago that literally had chunks of dried paint and dirt in the lower tube and valve. A full disassembly and cleaning with warm soapy water was all it needed to be shooting like new again.
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Maybe I just like to be more thorough but I'd also suggest a full strip down and clean. While you're at it you can replace all the Orings and if the valve pin is a bit corroded you can polish it up with something like a Scotchbrite pad and ream out the valve body with a little strip of that same Scotchbrite pad cut or ripped off the main sheet.

That sticker looks like a great period piece. I wonder if some good quality car wax would help preserve it?

And I'm just guessing but that looks like an Armson barrel as well.

On the other hand those wooden grips look a little weathered in the picture. If I'm right some polishing down with some 340 or 400 grit sandpaper followed by a few coats of gloss or matt varnish would spruce them up a lot.

And that thing would be great with a 3.5 bottle in the VA and a CCI T stock as a shoulder stock.
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i did complete tear down the gun. cleaned up the cup seal and replaced the hammer. sent the trigger frame and wire to be repowder coated. everything should be up and running by tomorrow night. with new pictures of course.

railgun- the barrel is a stock wgp barrel. it was their thompson\tom gun style barrel. the problem with the sticker. there is a clear cover over it and thats whats peeling.

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Originally Posted by JaKaL View Post
oh geez...

Please just hang that thing on the wall, or at the very most put a 3.5 in the asa and play a game or two. Don't futz with it, change parts, or screw with the internals! There are so few guns left of that vintage in good condition that it really would be a sin if it was damaged or the parts were separated.

Sorry to make assumptions, but it sounds as if you don't have much (if any) experience with gun with this style of operation and of this age. Please, don't experiment with that gun. Get a 2k+ cheapie sniper to experiment with if you have a desire to learn.

Just my .02
What he said...

That thing is NICE

Please be kind.


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