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my pre97 cocker is leaking out of the barrel.

When the marker is uncocked, it leaks.

When the marker is cocked, there is just a whisper of a leak...

I've been shooting it with a 4oz in the VA

the leak began after I installed a WGP stock inline regulator and a different bolt spring.

any one knows how i can fix this leak?

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Leaking out the barrel, usuaully has something to do with you valve not closing all the way. I would first try running some oil thru it and cycle it a few times? It is possible something became disloged in the process of changing regs? Try adjusting the reg up a bit and see if it closes up?
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and if it is leaking when it is not cocked.. turn up the pressure otr lighten your hammer spring
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It sounds like your main spring is a little too strong for the valve spring you have. Also, as Azzy mentioned you should probably turn the reg up.


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But if it's weeping when cocked that implies a leaky cupseal or perhaps the O ring has finally given up the ghost.

CO2 can often carry a lot of crud with it. I've seen the results of older rental guns that don't get a lot of luvin' and it ain't purty. So unless you have had your valve out recently it may be worth breaking the gun down and pull the valve to look over the cupseal and valve body seat for a good cleaning and clean out the valve chamber and VA at the same time. I'll bet when it goes back together it'll be fine. Or if by some chance the CO2 froze up the cupseal and it chipped or cracked then you'll see that right away as well.
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As has been mentioned, trying upping your input pressure a bit. Also, it's a good idea to run a few drops of oil through the gun (put it in the ASA, gas it up and fire 50 shots or so) after each day of playing.
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And if all else fails, you might want to consider either a replacement Valve spring of the same strength (the old one could have become too compressed with time and use), or a stiffer spring.
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