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fast and hard, or long and slow.....

No, not your Saturday night, but your trigger pull. When timing my trigger for a shorter pull the sear disengages harder the closer the trigger gets to the front. When I back it off it starts to soften up. Is this how its supposed to work? Or do I just have to break it in a bit more? My gripframe is a Dye, and has a roller sear, so it has me a bit frustrated.
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Yeah that's kinda the way it goes. The shorter the pull the snappier it has to be. This is because the sear is catching on less of the lug and requires more force to hold it in place, hence stronger springs and a heavier trigger pull.

There are pretty much two ways to go with cocker triggers:

Short and snappy (shocktech/danny love style) for quick flurries of fire
Long, light, and smooth (belsales/eclipse style) for long rythmic strings of fire.

I tend to prefer short and snappy, but the long and smooth ones have a very distinct feel and are easier to shoot for long periods of time (backman). Your roller sear will have more effect on the feel of a long trigger pull.
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short, very light and snappy trigger is the only way to go on a slide frame. It takes patience and some know how but can be done
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I prefer a longer softer pull on my slider and like a nice short snap for my hinges, personall prefreance.
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Long and soft. It really depends on what you play. Being a backman, having a softer pull made it much nicer for long shooting sessions. If you are not blowing through mad amounts of paint, in a short period of time, make it snappy.
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I prefer a longer, lighter, and smoother pull on either a slider or a hinge. Helps me shoot faster and with better rhythm.
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Slider, I always go for about a medium but smooth pull as I like to hammer lanes off the break so I need to max amount of paint I can get in the air, but continue to play back most of the time, so I like the smooth and easy pull to keep the middle finger from getting too tired. I honestly get less fatigue using my slider than I do hammering with my electros.
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Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post
I still don't get that.
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Drum, are you lost? Good to see you visit the real custom section, where you can choose the parts that work for you, and get them cheap. Does this mean you are considering ditching the marker set up for some guy on the other side of the country and making your own choices?
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