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-When you return a brand new Ego11 that you've spent six months saving up for just to afford $250 for an eBladed Cold Fusion
-When you bring said eBlade to the field and all the kids (along with many adults) ask, "What kind of new gun is that?"
-When you're saving one marker that you built "for the kid when he starts to play" even though that's about five years off minimum.
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Originally Posted by MadManMike View Post
-When you bring said eBlade to the field and all the kids (along with many adults) ask, "What kind of new gun is that?"
The people at my field stopped asking a while ago, maybe they just desided it was better like that. Ps. there are a very limited amount of old school markers here in SA and they are mostly being used as collectors items and not for game use .

Originally Posted by Patar View Post
no one seems to like the double hinge triggers, huh. Sliders are the way to go
I want to find a slider or better mechanical double trigger for my '05 Prostock

Originally Posted by Rotozip2 View Post
When people ask you how many guns you own. To which you have to ask if your spare parts box counts.
Then you ask them the same question then they make as if its not the same thing and tries to defend themselfs. You also point out that you have played X amount of years more than them thus "justifying" you having that amount of markers.

Originally Posted by blackcloud View Post
When you cock every gun you own first before you put air to it, then you try to cock an ion lol
I can see this becoming a problem. Then again i cock my A5 before hand and i know i have done something 'special' with my Etek 3 just can't remember what it was.

Originally Posted by James_Blond View Post
When the guy at air station calls your 2k cocker a dinosaur. seriously its only 12yrs old. My sl-68II is old.
SL-68II isn't exactly old the SL-68 is the older pump. Yes there is a difference besides numbers.

Originally Posted by James_Blond View Post
you guys are not inspiring confidence in my latest acquisition of an old autococker that needs some teching, my first... At least my mags and pumps work reliably.
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When you keep getting asked what those three things on the front of the gun do
if the hoses are supposed to be sticking out or showing
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When it takes more than 2 trips to unload the car after you get to the field because you brought a few spares along.
Originally Posted by Axel View Post
I once saw a guy wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and when he couldn't answer simple questions like the difference between a K2 and a KP2, I followed him around yelling, "Hey! This guy is a big phony!"
That evening, the cruise director gave me a very stern lecture.
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When 1100 miles + away from your wife/g-freind and she calls you at 6am in moring your time complaing about her Autococker isn't shotting at the right velocity and shes adjust the ivg and the reg with no luck you have her fire the gun close to the phone and you tell her her bolts is in upside down.
you can tell by the sound its making whats wrong with it
your amazed when other people air up there cockers with out cocking it frist
you carry one long 3/16 allen wrench with you to the chrono station
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When you hear the year 1999 and think oh you need a different front black
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When you can spot a 1/8th allen from across the room.
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When you have been playing pump for a while, then switch to your mech and it feels like a machine gun
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when you can use your special trigger finger to keep the wife and/or girlfriend happy.
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Originally Posted by Varkyl View Post
when you can use your special trigger finger to keep the wife and girlfriend happy.
Originally Posted by dundadun View Post
drill for eyes and don't install any.
That'll teach her
Originally Posted by shredxcam View Post
Mini a t2 or s6/6.5
Then eblade it

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