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Front block Set ups

Im trying to build a mech, and wanted to know what are good Rams,LPR's and 3 ways.
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good rams:
wgp sto rams, belsales/eclipse rams, palmer quick rams, ans mini rams, smc/moody/freeflow rams

good lprs:
Palmer's rock, belsales evo lpr, ans jackhammer, shocktech fgp, wgp sto sledghammer and tickler lpr,

good 3 ways:
Belsales hollowpoint, shocktech bomb, ans 3way, wgp ct/sto 3 way, palmers quickswitch, kapp,

Many of those parts can be bought used for good prices in the b/s/t section.
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I run 'stock' on most of my mechs guns.
Both STOs have STO ram, STO 3way, Sledgehammer.
My GX3 has a Bomb 3way as the only 'up grade'
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I really depends on how much you want to spend. STO/Outkast/Orracle pneumatics will get ya at least 80% of the performance of the 'high end' pneumatics. If money is no option I'd go for some of these:

3way: Belsales Hollowpoint, Shocktech Bomb
LPR: Shocktech FGP, AKA SCM III, PPS MicroRock
Ram: Belsales.44/Eclipse, Palmers, Moody/Freeflow/Belsales.38 but these will still not show much of an upgrade over an STO.
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KAPP all the way!
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I have a STO ram, tickler lpr, and orracle three way on my black magic and they work great. I also have a GX4 with all ANS pneus on it that I also love, but have heard many negative things about from others. Both seem to me to be foolproof, never need adjustments and look nice.
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They're a bit overkill for a mech but I'm surprised no one has mentioned the MP4 rams. I personally don't like the quickswitch. They're nice when they work but with the 37 internal o-rings I've never had great luck keeping them running long term.

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