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That is one hell of a beautiful Deuce!
My feedback link

For sale (friend is selling his gear)

VM68 modded, Carr adjustable stock, supressor kit, extended foregrip. slow shooter but very stout and durable. ALL BLACK!

PM me for picts or follow link
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and here i was thinking of turning my ditto into a semi, i still might. great work
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This project turned out great. Like everyone else, I can't wait to see a video of it.
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Originally Posted by boo View Post
You going to put dual MQ's in their just for the excessive hell of it too? That thing is insane!
Why would you put 2 MQ's ??

Ken W
I'm just a glorified drill press operator.
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I feel mean just using my Nasty Typhoon. I think if I toted this, I'd be verging on douchebag territory.
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It's only coming out for special occasions, like big games, playing with people that I know and that won't mind it, and against people that truly earn it, ie repeatedly lighting up renters and won't stop. Otherwise, it'll mostly be just for fun. And I would let my gf's 14 sister use it, just because I think it's give her a little more confidence and be fun for her. I'm not planning on it being my main shooter by any stretch.

And you can't MQ or MQ2 it. The operating pressures are way off between the two. The MQ2 operates around 200 psi below what this thing works around. Just wouldn't work.
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Just knowing this exists means I can die happy.

Say, whats your address and what time do you go to work????????
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Waiting on GoD.
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Very nice man. This is the only thing left that I would want for my arsenal. Maybe next year I will get Ken to make me one.

Unless I sell my Clone GT!

My Feedback:
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How much would I have to pay you to make a shooting video?
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