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what kind of regulator is this on my autococker?

what kind of high pressure regulator is this on my autococker? I like it, the input swivels, it's completely smooth, and the only marks are a + and - on the base for adjusting pressure.

I think it might need to be rebuilt and need to know where I can get those parts? It came on a marker a while back and this is the first time i've ever used it. When I gassed it up for the first time and turned the LPR ever so slightly the hoses blew out of the LPR. I would assume this is because the HPR isn't functioning and feeding all 900PSI from my tank into my LPR? Or does this mean my LPR isn't working?
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Azodin Rock Steady Inline Regulator?

Azodin Rock Steady Inline Regulator - Gloss Black
WTB Datsun 280Z Parts

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Yup, that for sure is the one because I opened it up and it looks just like this one

NEW Azodin Rocksteady reg seat

Just hit them up to see if I can get some replacement parts. I'm almost positive it's the spring because it has so much play it actually rattles. I don't recall if it did when I got it (on a used marker) but it could have been the fact that I was running my remote line directly into the front block of the autococker and just had the reg hole plugged. Basically I was using it as a grip.

Would running 300psi through a reg backwards blow it or cause that spring to deform? I could see the possibility.
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I've dealt with these regulator on a weekly basis and 100% of the time it was the o-ring on the brass piece where the red reg seat is in... Even if that wasn't the original issue they always got chewed up while putting the damn thing back in. I would grease the living hell out of it and replace it with the purple dye 010 oring. And while adjusting it screw it in till it seats ( not too tight or you'll dent the reg seat ) and slowly turn it out till you reach desired velocity. When you go too far it will chew the oring and you'll repeat the process over again
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Yeah, I'm ordering the rebuild kit from azodin since it's super cheap, they're throwing in the spring for free.

I gotta admit, they got awesome customer service. I was surprised because most of their stuff is on the low end of the spectrum of price point.
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