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Is my IVG too far in?

This thread about the pump cocker vibrating got me thinking. The one cocker I have with full CCM internals and am in the works tuning I started around 3 turns in with the IVG. At this point, while unaired and uncocked, the hammer rest firmly on the valve with no forward movement possible if I attempt to push in on the cocking rod.
i.e., the hammer spring has completely overpowered the valve spring.

Now on my other two pumps (albeit not fine tuned yet; but shooting around 280fps), there is somewhat of a ballance between the valve and hammer springs; as I can push in on the cocking rod, and it will move forward until the hammer hits the valve nut.

Am I starting with the the IVG turned in too far on the gun, or is this to be expected? I was attempting to dial the gun in via TF's video for the S6, keeping the reg in the 250-300psi range and adjusting the IVG from there; but reaching 280fps with consistancy on co2 isn't hapenning.

Thanks in advance guys!
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Does it shoot well with the ivg three turns in? If it does then its fine. The only thing that means is that you need to cock the gun before airing it up.
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It fires around 8fps+/-. Everything seems in order. I'm sure there's some efficiency on the table; I'll need to get my 20oz filled to get it dialed in. Changing 12g's while tuning is a PITA, and expensive.
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My only concerns would be that your light valve spring could allow the valve to vent between shots and that it may not be as efficient as a heavier alternative.
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